These products would be shocking, but only if they were taken apart exposing the insides and two wires were touched at the same time—or maybe if they were licked. Yes, the title was a cheap ploy to gain your attention, but if you don’t know about and use electronic promotional products—that’s shocking. Electronic specialty products, used as promotional items, are some of the most useful and longest retained products any organization can share with customers, prospects, and employees. If you displayed a table of promotional products, at an event, offering free web keys, power packs, and flash drives as well as, traditional promotional products, which do you think would go first?

Power Packs

These devices can be used to charge most electronic devices adding 12 hours or more of usability to electronics. Pocket sized, portable, and lightweight, they’re becoming nearly indispensable for travel. Every time a client plugs in their phone, tablet, or laptop it’s an opportunity for organizations to brand. Power packs have plenty of space to share logos and calls to action.

Web Keys

Imagine promotional how to videos, white papers, specifications, and catalogs all ready for customers in one easy to use and convenient location. Any and all literature pertinent to a client’s needs can be shared in this highly accessible format. Attaching web keys to collateral material is the perfect company showcase.

Charge Up Promotions

Any electronic device is a potential promotional product as well as associated accessories, such as tablet and phone stands, microfiber cleaning cloths, or smart phone cases. There’s electricity in the air around specialty products. Shock waves of change are trending in the promotional product industry. It’s a new era, and it’s time to join in and spark appreciation from customers with electronic products they’ll use and enjoy. If you’d like to learn more we’d be happy to share what’s new in electronic promotional products—at no charge!

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