Should You Join Your Chamber of Commerce?
You may have attended a Chamber of Commerce breakfast or luncheon, and if you were fortunate, the discussion was something of interest… or it might have been something you couldn’t have cared less about. I’ve been to both. You didn’t know anybody, the few people who introduced themselves were on the board, or gave you a card because they had something to sell, and you never went back. Further, with social media often perceived as both the NEW standard for networking and FREE to signup with, who needs the chamber?

Why You Should Join the Chamber

Networking – TKO is primarily B2B. It’s a no-brainer for us; we can help almost any organization solve problems. We just have to meet them. But any business can benefit from meeting other businesses, and you have no idea where the next referral will come from. While social media is rich with opportunities, focusing on where your prospects are is still key, and your local chamber offers a lot of face-to-face networking opportunities.

Business Counseling – Nearly every chamber offers free qualified business counseling. For any concern or quandary you have, there’s someone in the chamber who’s faced it. Let them help you. Chambers offer seminars, information on legislative initiatives, and more. Join your local chamber for advice, counseling, and mentorship.

Visibility – Most chambers have a website, newsletters, and use e-commerce. You can often be introduced to potential customers for little or no charge.

There are scores of advantages to becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce. Access to group healthcare, connecting to your community, advertising opportunities, joint ventures, and discounts are among the many. Go to the next event, introduce yourself, and share your challenges and hopes with the local chamber team. I promise it’ll be worth your time. If not, let me know, and I’ll buy lunch – of course, I’ll pick your brain as well. See you at the next meeting.

I’ll be attending the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce luncheon on 5/21/13.

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