Regardless how well an outdoor sign is maintained, it ages. Eventually, constant exposure to the elements takes its toll. There comes a time when a sign needs to be updated or replaced. For example, a large pole sign, at an Indianapolis retail outlet, was showing wear and tear. It had seen better days. It was time for a signage makeover. So, should you replace or reface your old sign?

Replace or Reface Your Old Sign?


Occasionally, there’s little choice but to replace a sign. If the structure of the sign is damaged, corroded, or unsafe then replacement is required. When an existing sign doesn’t meet the needs of a new occupant, replacement might be the best solution; however, that wasn’t the case with the Indianapolis retailer.

Yes, one solution would be to take the sign down and start over. This would mean demolition and removal of the existing sign, fabrication of a new sign, and construction leading to weeks of work and thousands of dollars in expenses. The good news was this wasn’t the only solution and not the best one to meet the needs of the customer.


The best solution for this retail sign wasn’t to take it down and start over. The best and most cost-effective answer was to reface the sign. This option updates the sign itself without the expense of starting from scratch. The sign had digitally printed vinyl stretched across the face of the sign. The difficult part was getting 30 feet up in the air to remove the old graphic and then stretch the new design across the face.

An interesting side note, the location had previously been a retailer I’d forgotten about, but their original sign was under the vinyl, meaning this particular sign had been repurposed more than once.

The cabinet and pylon on this sign were in good condition and did not need updating. However, sometimes it’s preferable to paint, replace returns, or clean the existing framework.

Should it Stay or Should it go?

Brick monument church sign

Remaking a Sign Without Rebuilding it

Is it better to replace or reface your signage? We can’t answer that without knowing your purposes, needs, and the condition of the existing sign, but we’d be happy to discuss it with you.  All three photos in this blog post are examples of signs we’ve refaced. Refacing the existing signage saved all three organizations money, time, and they look pretty darn good, don’t they.  If we can help you with your signage questions, Contact Us .