Is Snapchat useful for B2B marketing? Of course it is, but the question should be, is Snapchat a valuable use of a B2B marketing team’s time and effort? I will remain neutral, but tell you this much—I’m unconvinced. Just as I’m not sold on the usefulness of Instagram for B2B marketing, Should Your B2B use Instagram? Is Snapchat B2B marketing a thing?

How Can a Snapchat B2B Marketing be Useful?


I asked several friends and researched how some B2B’s were using Snapchat. One of the recommendations that made the most sense was using Snapchat as a recruiting tool. For example, Hubspot uses Snapchat for recruiting, Apply at Hubspot via Snapchat.

Snapchat can be used to help a B2B connect with 20-somethings. Snapchat is ideal for showing a company’s culture, benefits, and people. It can be used to put a human face over a corporate logo.

Promote Events

Whether it’s a trade show, open house, or convention Snapchat can be a valuable tool for event promotion especially when attempting to reach a younger demographic.

Build Brand

Several folks mentioned using Snapchat for B2B branding. The same was said about Instagram when I asked about it last year. Don’t misunderstand me; branding is important, but not just branding in general. The branding must appeal and reach the target audience of the B2B. For example, if our audience at TKO Graphix were individuals who want to trick out private vehicles with stylish adhesive vinyl graphics then Snapchat and Instagram would be viable marketing tools, but that’s not our market or our customer. Our target audiences include fleet managers and other fleet graphics decision makers,few of whom are active on Snapchat. Down the road this may change, but as for now it’s not our market.

Promote Customers

I like this one. We feature customers on our blog and share them on social media. However, this only works if your customers are active on Snapchat.

Behind the Scenes

Showing your people and product from behind the curtain is a great way to build trust on any social media network.

Entice and Incentivize

Offer discounts and promotional codes on Snapchat, and then do something fun with it, such as using Snapchat Faces. Next, promote the Snapchat offer on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever account best reaches your customers and prospects.

Should a B2B use Snapchat for Marketing?

Should B2B’s budget resources for Snapchat? I don’t know if there’s a clear-cut answer. It depends on industry, business, and audience. Should a growing tech company that markets software to businesses fighting to bring in young recruits use Snapchat? Yes, I’d think they could use Snapchat to help recruit. How about a vehicle graphics company marketing to business fleets? No, TKO isn’t ready to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon. Should your B2B market on Snapchat?