Last week I was talking with a friend about social media marketing. She’s well versed on the topic, uses social media for business, and understands the importance of social media for B2B. Her company gets the last part. They know it’s important, but aren’t clear on what to do and how to use it. She asked me where her business should begin the SMM process. I told her it was a three-headed monster. It’s Cerberus the Roman three-headed dog  or Lady Gaga with 3 heads on a magazine cover. You need a place for visitors to land, a reason for them to go there, and a way to broadcast your message.

Website – A place to Land

It begins with the website and it ends with the website. Let me explain. Ultimately whether you want to attract new business, communicate with existing customers, inform employees, or all three, you need a website that fits their needs. It begins by creating a website that works and ends with customers, prospects, and employees landing there. Here are 12 Website Essentials. Social media marketing begins with your website.

Content – A Reason to Visit

The days of black hat SEO keyword stuffing are long gone. If you want to bring people to your website you have to give them a reason. As I’ve said before, social media marketing isn’t advertising. It’s not throwing multiple commercials to the wind and seeing where they land. For the most part it’s not promotion—it’s attraction. The best way to attract visitors is with content: blogs, video, white papers, FAQ’s, case studies, photos, and testimonials. But it doesn’t end there if you want to keep them coming back you need fresh, new content every week. Here’s how to do that. Business Blogging 101

Social Networking – A way to Broadcast

Social networks give you the means to broadcast your message. Don’t misunderstand me, social networking needs to be social. You need to join the conversation, share others content, and participate, but you should also share your content for the purpose of bringing visitors to your website. Effective sharing on social media takes planning and effort, it needs to be consistent, and that takes time. How Much Time Should you Spend on Social Media? It can be managed in-house or outsourced. It’s a question of time, funds, and purpose.

It’s a Three-Headed Monster

Website, content, and social media are a place to land, a reason to visit, and a way to send the message. They work hand-in-hand. Building an effective website without maintaining fresh quality content will not capture organic searches. Sharing content that’s not on your website will not lead to action taken by visitors. Posting on social media without the intent of bringing visitors to your website is nice, but not efficient. It takes all three to complete a successful social media marketing campaign. Do you market on social media? What have you learned?

Hercules Capturing Cerberus by Hans Sebald Beham