My oldest granddaughter and her boyfriend visited my wife and me in January. She had sent me a text a few weeks earlier saying she wanted to come up from Gainesville, Florida to have a beer with grandpa. She turned 21 on January 17th.  Her boyfriend, Sean, a Florida native, had never seen snow. That Monday the three of us sat in my backyard and watched as flurries turned to flakes. Later we hiked along snow-covered paths at Eagle Creek Park. Sean was excited, my granddaughter was happy, and I had a great time. I hope they return to experience springtime in Indy.

A Season of Change

Later I wondered if the seasons are all similar, like in warmer climates, does the change of seasons have much impact? I could be wrong because I don’t live in Florida. But at least for me, part of the joy of spring is the experience of winter. Do you know what I mean? Can we truly know joy without sorrow, relief without pain, and spring without winter?

What Does Spring Mean to You?

For me, spring means gardening, hikes at Eagle Creek, time sitting in my backyard, or lying in my hammock looking at the woods as it transforms from a colorless gray and brown to a thousand hues of green. It also means things like the beginning of the racing season, baseball, and grilling over wood burning coals at my fire pit.

Are You Bored?

Somebody once told me if you can’t find anything to do in Indianapolis then you are boring. I agree, and this year I plan to expand my horizons and begin a few new spring rituals. If you like that idea as much as I do, the following links share more than enough ideas on springing into spring in Indy. Enjoy!

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