If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re behind on your business blog. We’ve all clicked the blog tab on a business website to find the last post was published three months ago, or longer. It may have happened to you. First, you’re not alone. Second, you can get ahead. We did. We post six new blogs a week, and we are currently 60 days ahead. We weren’t always. Here’s how to get and stay ahead.

Identify your Target Audience

Understand who your customer is and what content may interest them. For example, a sporting goods retailer could write about sporting equipment, but they could also write about sports, training, and health. An HVAC company could offer posts on the latest in efficient heating and cooling, but also about things of interest to homeowners such as safety, maintenance, interior decorating, and remodeling. Our company has products to offer any and every type of organization. We not only share posts about our products but topics that may be of interest to businesses such as leadership, networking, and social media (like this post.) Action: Identify three or four blogging topic categories.

Use an Editorial Calendar

After you’ve determined your topics, list them on a calendar two months in advance. We use Google calendar. It doesn’t matter what you use. The important point is to have a plan. If you want to post once per week and have four categories then list one a week for the next 60 days. Choose the day it will be posted and list it. Don’t get caught in bad thinking such as, “It’s only one a week I don’t need a calendar.” That’s not the point. The calendar is your blogging to-do list. It’s your deadline. Action: Begin an editorial calendar and plan topic categories for the next 60 days.

Track Blog Progress

In our editorial calendar we track five levels of progress, topic category, idea, in edit, WordPress, and published. Once we’ve listed the topics the next step is to add an idea.

  1. Ideas -If you need help with ideas go to this post. How to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas
  2. Write the post –  This will help. Why you should rewrite your Blog
  3. Edit – How to Improve your Blog in 24 Hours
  4. Post to a blogging site. We use WordPress
  5. Publish

Action: List your first four blog post ideas.  

More Strategies to Stay Ahead

Guest posts

Ask for guest posts from legitimate sources. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing content farms to hijack your site for their purposes. Guest Blogging Requests hit New Low. We suggest you post Guest Blogging Guidelines.

Add Easy Blog Subject Categories, For Example:

  • Meet the team – Introduce team members, their position and tenure. Ask individual team members the same four or five questions.
  • FAQ – Ask sales, customer service, and installation their most common FAQ’s
  • Photo blog – Take photos of your work (get a photo release from customers) and describe who, what, when, where, and how.

Writers Wanted!  

Solicit coworkers to write. We have 250 employees, yet I write 98% of our posts. Look for opportunities around your business. While revamping our website, Eric Benge from marketing was writing new and improved artwork guidelines. We turned that into TKO Tech Talk, a recurring blog topic that fits our industry and is helpful to readers. I’m privileged that writing the blog is one of my priorities, but I could do better seeking help.

Use a Systematic Approach

The key to staying ahead of your blog is having a system, using it, and not letting it get away. The first time the calendar isn’t followed and a new post isn’t published as scheduled is the beginning of the end. The exception becomes the rule. If you’d like to learn more, need help, or if you’d like a guest post from me for your blog contact me rclark@tkographix.com