I do a lot of things wrong on social media. Some of it to save time, and some of it because I’m stuck in my ways, and that’s dangerous in social media marketing. Things change, and they change fast; too fast to ignore. If you do, you’ll be left behind wondering whatever happened to Myspace.

Just Stop it

Here are five social media marketing activities to stop. Some of them may have worked once upon a time but no longer, and some of them were never the best practice.

Only blogging when you feel like it. When blogging was a new thing just having a blog gave you a hand up. Back then posting once a month, or when the mood hit you was acceptable. It worked, but no longer. If you’re serious, you need to post every day. There I said it. Not just once a month or once a week—daily. It doesn’t have to be a 1500 word piece that borders on being a white paper. If that’s what you’ve written divide it into a three-part series but post every day.

Not being social on YouTube. I’ve been the worst. YouTube has never been a social network for me. It’s a video posting hosting site. As long as I worked a little SEO magic I was fine, but that’s changing and analytics are taking interaction with your following on YouTube into account.

Facebook—not paying to play. Let’s face it. That’s the game. You want to make a splash on FB—you’re going to pay for it. Tote that bail, boost that post, and buy that ad. If not, I’m not sure there’s enough reason for most small businesses to spend a lot of time on Facebook.

Not managing Twitter lists. I remember a few years ago when a good friend told me she didn’t use Twitter lists, she reviewed her entire stream. I was surprised. That might be OK when you’re following 200 people, but not 2,000. If you haven’t done it, it’s time to create segmented lists that match the needs of your business.

Not posting images with social media – This is nothing new. The numbers are in, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts that include images generally perform better than without. Entire networks are based on image sharing, and existing networks have improved video and image uploading tools.

Stop the Don’ts and Pay Your Dues

I’m sure there are dozens of others dos and don’ts for social media marketing in 2015. I’m more than likely breaking several right now. Some of the strategies employed by social media marketers no longer work, and some never worked.  Some are ineffective and inefficient. Others are outmoded and outdated. It’s time for a good old-fashioned SMM strategy audit. What else do businesses need to stop, change, or begin doing on social media?