While driving to work this morning, I passed a truck transporting live chickens. This may not seem unusual, but when you think about it – shipping live chickens is probably not what most people think of as a typical trucking shipment. I wondered, what else is shipped by truck that might be considered unusual?

Animals (other than chickens)

If you can name an animal, it’s been shipped on a truck. Pandas, penguins, and poisonous reptiles have all been shipped. 70,000 sea turtle eggs were rescued and shipped by air and truck to Florida’s Atlantic Coast to protect them from the last northern gulf oil spill. Frogs, killer bees, alligators, and rhinos have all been moved by truck. A whale shark was loaded into a special container, put on a plane, and delivered by truck from Taiwan to Atlanta – over 8000 miles!

Fragile Freight

TKO Signs recently shipped a 25-foot sign, which we designed and manufactured for an international company, from Plainfield, IN to Puerto Rico. Special considerations had to be made to protect this sign during shipping. In a post titled, Delicate and Unusual Freight, Tucker Worldwide Shipping stated:

“Shipping artwork, signs, antennas, awnings and other fragile freight must be handled differently. The various sizes, shapes and the fragile nature of these varied items make shipping them challenging. Combine those difficulties with the coordination of occasional delivery to a job site, and you can see why the shipping of signs, artwork, delicate machinery, etc., is as much of an art form as designing these items is.”

Frightening freight

Hazmat materials, ammunition, and flammable products are routinely shipped by freight. As cautious as shipping companies are, and despite DOT regulations and the training required of drivers, accidents and mechanical failures will happen. It is the responsibility of every driver who shares the road with truckers to be aware and cautious.

Whether it’s part of the hull of the Titanic, the liberty bell, or millions of daffodils, we assume the trucking industry can ship it. Regardless how unusual or strange the merchandise – we expect and depend on the trucking industry to ship it. We all should appreciate the research, practice, and efforts the industry invests to deliver our parcels safely, undamaged, and on time, no matter how challenging our shipment may be.