by Randy Clark

Last month, my friend, Rocky Walls from 12 Stars Media, invited my wife and I to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. I have to admit, although I discuss the Cincy Reds daily with my dad, he’s the fan, not me. We accepted the invitation—why not? It was a suite with food, friends, and beer. We ate, visited, and I had a couple of beers (my wife drove). Then, a funny thing happened—as I sat with friend, Steven Shattuck, who is a fan, I found myself drawn into the game. It was fun.

Affordable Family Fun 

Victory Field is a world-class facility with a fine product. In 1999, Baseball America recognized it as the best minor league ballpark in the U.S.A., and Sports Illustrated said the same in 2001. In a day when events are so costly, you need a payment plan to bring the family—the Indians offer affordable family fun. The team offers promotions such as ZOOper Zaturday, Souvenir Sunday, Friday Fireworks, and special promotions like the Indy Star 2 for 1 on August 23rd.

Some Indians Trivia

Professional baseball in Indianapolis dates to 1887, and the current franchise was an original member of the American Association in 1902. After playing at various fields, a stadium was built in 1931, on West 16th Street, named Perry Stadium. The name was changed in 1942, then renamed in 1967, as Bush Stadium. Does anyone know what the 16th Street stadium was named for 25 years, from 1942 to 1967? I remember this name and continue to think of it as …Victory Field, which is now, again, the name of the stadium that replaced Bush Stadium in 1996.

Enjoy the video and go have some fun at the ballpark…buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks®…