by Randy Clark

On August 13th, Intelligent Design organized Taste of the Truck, a family-friendly food fun festival (I like alliteration—so sue me), in Broad Ripple, at 61st Street and Broadway Ave. It was a huge success! Intelligent Designs did a great job organizing the event and the food trucks all did their part. As you will notice in the video, there were thousands enjoying the atmosphere, great food, and wonderful Indiana weather (We have at least five of those days a year). Included among the participating trucks, were three which TKO Graphix had the privilege of designing, manufacturing, and installing graphics for.

· NY Slice

· West Coast Tacos

· Scout’s Treat Truck.

Watch Scout’s Treat Truck in action.

One other participant we have not mentioned (there is a reason for that) was the Prezulz Ford Focus with @BgKahuna at the wheel.

If you see this man and vehicle please contact the Food Authority of Trucks. 250#’s or # # #.