I went back for six months and reviewed TKO Graphix wraps completed so far this year. Last year we applied vehicle graphics to more than 60,000 vehicles. This year hasn’t slowed down. That’s a lot of vehicle wraps to choose from. Some of the graphics I choose were because of the design. However, as I looked through six months’ worth of designs, I found that my favorites all had something in common, a compelling story. Some of these aren’t even full wraps, but they’re close to my heart. Here are ten of my favorite TKO Graphix wraps from the last six months. They’re in no particular order.

My Top Ten TKO Graphix Wraps 

SUV Vehicle Wrap - Pro Angler Truck

SUV Vehicle Wrap – Bill McDonald Pro Angler Truck Wrap

Bill McDonald Pro-Angler

This wrap is included in my top ten not because it’s a radically different wrap but because Bill is such a pleasure to work with. Here’s what he had to say about working with team TKO. “Can’t say enough good things about TKO Graphix what an awesome job they have done on my boat can’t wait to see how the truck turns out next week! If you’re looking for a company to help you with your branding be sure and get with TKO. If it’s a single vehicle or a complete fleet they can handle your promotional needs!”

“Can’t thank #tkographix enough for the outstanding job they did on wrapping my new truck. Mike Stoops you’re the best. For all you Graphics needs make sure and check out TKO Graphix!” — Bill McDonald Pro Angler Truck Wrap


Low Cost Spay and Neuter

The number one reason this is on my list is the importance of the work they do … and it’s really cute. “It was a privilege to be a small part of Low Cost Spay and Neuters transport program. And just look at those sweet eyes staring right back at you. I’m a cat person, but that dog’s pretty darn cute as well! The entire wrap tells a story, the animals grab your eye, and “We Transport” captures your attention. The contact information, phone and web address are front and center. This van works and so does the wrap. — Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic Van Wrap

Brown County Vacation Homes

“I love this wrap. From the time I was able to get a license to ride a motorcycle in Indiana (back then you could ride a motorcycle on a learners permit at 15-years-old.) I spent time in Brown County. Visiting Brown County in the fall was just something you did. The local college I attended in Indianapolis closed the school every October 15th and headed south for Brown County Day. As the years went by, I visited less and less. I had other responsibilities and interests. However, Brown County in the fall holds a special place in my heart. The thing is, this wrap brought back a flood of memories for me.” Brown County Vacation Home Wrap

Hendricks Regional Health Paramedicine Wrap

“Here at TKO, we appreciate everything that Hendricks Regional Health does for the community. HGH is a lot more than outstanding medical facilities and a network of some of the best physicians in the state. They offer wellness programs including screening and scans, health and fitness classes (even yoga!) and information from childbirth e-Learning to living with diabetes. They are a part of the community, and community paramedicine is part of what they offer.” — Hendricks Regional Health Community Paramedicine Wrap

What is Community Paramedicine? “Imagine you or a loved one falls in your home, and there’s an injury, but it’s not an emergency. Or maybe you need help with oxygen therapy because you’re managing a chronic illness, but you can’t get to the hospital. What do you do?

Community paramedicine is for these types of situations. It connects you with the care you need when medical attention is required, but there isn’t an emergency. Community paramedics can come right to your home, and typically provide health assessments, therapy, assistance with medication and other services. This not only eases the burden on emergency medical services, but it also brings social service and healthcare professionals directly to you.” — Hendricks Regional Health Community Paramedicine

2 Brothers Pressure Washing

This fleet graphic is here for two reasons, one a full wrap isn’t always necessary and two, I like these kids. (I’m old enough to call these young people kids!)

“I was strolling through the TKO Graphix breakroom when I met Ernie Clemons and Isaac Badry. I introduced myself and asked if they were waiting on a vehicle. They were. More than one. They were having graphics installed on trucks and trailers. We chatted and then I offered to take them on a tour of our facilities. We ended up in the installation bay as our team of outstanding installers completed the graphics on their fleet vehicles. So, how do you create effective vehicle graphics without breaking the bank?

I commented that they were smart to purchase dark trucks, which made a perfect background to frame their logo and contact information. I went on to say that sometimes we wrap an entire vehicle when if the best color of car or truck had been ordered a full wrap wouldn’t be needed.” —  2 Brothers Pressure Washing — Effective Vehicle Graphics without Breaking the Bank

Snappy Services

Okay, the reason this warp made my top ten is the pipes. I like the pipes. “The Snappy Services pick-up truck wrap is a full wrap. The first thing that captured my eye were the pipes. Pipes with connectors flow from front to back (or is it back to front? I’m not a plumber.) And not only do the pipes grab your attention but they send a message that this truck’s used for plumbing. That’s clarified by listing several of the services offered by Snappy Services.

I like how the phone number is displayed. It’s framed by an oblong background that’s placed obliquely over the black stripe that divides the cab which, is wrapped in white, and the bed which is wrapped blue. The contact information, web address and phone, are displayed on every side of the vehicle. They’re easy to find and easy to read with accessible fonts with good color contrast. This wrap is fun, informative, and complete.” — Snappy Services Pick-Up Truck Wrap


Santa's Jeep

Santa’s Jeep

Santa’s Jeep!

How could I not include this vehicle graphic, I mean … it’s Santa. “Early in September, I was walking through TKO Graphix breakroom when I saw two gentlemen waiting on a vehicle. One was large and dressed in red from head to toe. He wore a red cap and had long white hair and a white beard. The other person was smaller, quite a lot smaller, very thin and his ears were … well, they were a bit pointy.

I introduced myself and asked for the man in red’s name he said, “Call me Chris.” I asked what they were doing and was told they were waiting on adhesive vinyl graphics to be completed on a brand-new Jeep. Can you guess the color of the Jeep? It was bright red.

I went downstairs to our installation bay to take a look and that’s when I realized that when the white-bearded one said call me Chris, he meant Kris, as in Kris Kringle. Santa Claus was upstairs in the TKO Graphix break room, and he had an elf with him!” — We Wrapped Santa’s Jeep!


Performance Paint

This is another wrap that’s included for multiple reasons. First, I love the flames and how they fit the wrap and secondly, I’ll let the owner of Performance Paint tell my second reason, “I’ve been working with TKO Graphix since I started my business in 2001. The reason I’ve worked with them for 17 years is, first of all, they do very good work, but it’s more than that. They have excellent customer service, whenever I’ve had a question or an issue, they’ve been on top of it. I also appreciate that they’re a laid-back organization. I can walk into their office at any time and immediately get to see whoever I need to talk to. You don’t find that everywhere.”    – From Rick Snyder Owner of Performance Paint — I’ve used TKO Graphix 17 years because they do great work and have excellent service’

The Lords Pantry

“Earlier this year I was watching our local FOX affiliate channel 59 when a follow up to a story I had been following aired. Someone stole the only truck owned by The Lord’s Pantry, a Westside Indianapolis food pantry. The truck was used not only to pick up donations but also to deliver food to those in need. The pantry faced one of the biggest obstacles they’d faced in their nearly 30-year existence. It was heartbreaking, and then there was good news, the kind of news we all hope for.

Andy Ellis, of Ellis Mechanical and Electrical, was retiring a 2004 Chevrolet service truck. Although it had 146,000 miles, it had been well-maintained and was in good shape. I drove it around the block and said the same thing about the truck to my passenger, but that story is later. Only the week before, Andy had been offered $5,000 for the truck, but turned it down. He wasn’t sure why he didn’t sell the truck when he had the chance. Now he knew. Andy called The Lord’s Pantry and told them he had a truck for them. You gotta love people like Andy, don’t you?

When I saw what Andy and Ellis Electrical had done, I called Tom Taulman, president, and CEO of TKO Graphix and shared the story. When I finished Tom simply said, “Call them, let’s wrap it.” I did, and we did.” —  A Pantry, a Truck, and a Vehicle Wrap

Winslow Hypnosis

This wrap saves lives. How could anything be more important? Unfortunately, it was too late for an old friend. “ Last week a friend told me about the passing of a former co-worker. She and her ex-husband had both worked under my leadership more than twenty years ago. I had lost touch with her a few years back but see her ex-husband often. I recalled a cookout in my backyard with just the four of us, and a Christmas party at my home. She was upbeat, positive, and quick to laugh, and now she was gone. COPD took her at 46 years of age. When I knew her, she always had a cigarette in her hand. She never quit. As I understand it even in hospice, on oxygen, she continued to vape. When I received this news, I had just looked at the Winslow Hypnosis Chevy Equinox wrap. I couldn’t help but wonder, could hypnosis have saved Sheri’s Life?” — The Winslow Hypnosis Chevy Equinox Wrap Saves Lives

It’s a Wrap (TKO Graphix Wraps that is) 

There you have it, ten of my favorite TKO Graphix wraps from the first half of 2019. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or need advice on your fleet graphics, Contact Us. Who knows, your wrap might make the list of top TKO Graphix wraps for 2020.