We owe so much to so many; we’ll do our best to recognize all those who have helped us on our journey. We began this adventure on July 15th, 2010. Back then, we struggled to publish one post per week. Today we share six new posts per week on three blogs, TKO Signs Blog, TKO Marketing Solutions Blog, and the TKO Graphix Brandwire Blog. We’ve learned a lot along the way. This post from December of 2012 shared some of what we learned the first two years—What We’ve Learned from 300 Blog Posts. Since then we’ve learned it’s easier to publish six new posts per week using a system than it was trying to post once a week without a system—Business Blogging 101.

More than Blogs

Our content marketing strategy is driven by blogs but goes beyond the blogosphere. We’ve published a Book, The New Managers Workbook, a crash course in effective management, as well as guides on all three sites such as this, TKO Graphix Guide Downloads. We’ve also published case studies, for example, TKO Marketing Solutions Case Studies and 150 videos, which have been seen by more than 70,000 viewers—TKO Graphix Video.

Many Helped us Get Here

This is one of those times you pray you don’t forget anyone—so many have helped. If we’ve forgotten anyone, please let us know, call us out, and make a point because—you deserve the accolades. Thank you.

Thank you for the Guest Posts

From the start, we’ve been privileged to have exceptional writers share wonderful posts. From our first guest contribution in 2011 by Nicki Laycoax, It Can’t all be Fun to all the others since it’s been our pleasure. Contributors include: Allison L Carter, Rocky WallsKevin MullettAmber FosterLorraine BallChris Theisen, Robby SlaughterScott HowardLaura Neidig, Leah Beatty, Greg McMullen, @NickARojas, and Reno Macri.

Thank you to our Teammates who have Contributed

Thank you to all of our co-workers who have suggested FAQ’s, procured customer releases, and assisted with technical edits. Thank you to the myriad employees who have shared topic ideas as well as those who have contributed to TKO Team Talk. I can’t forget all the teammates, friends, and followers who have added their wishes to our Holiday Wishes series. And a special thank you to those teammates who have contributed posts, Josh HumbleNancy Jarial, Micah BowersEric Benge, Kristi CameKevin Greek, and Shirley Wurster.

Thank you to all the Customers who have Helped

Customers have graciously given us interviews, sat for videos, sent us photos, completed surveys, and signed releases. Some have gone above and beyond like Chris Theisen from FlexPAC and Muhammad Yasin of PERQ, who have not only helped with content but promoted it. Thank you!

Thank you to our Editors 

Nancy Jarial and Josh Humble know how far we’ve come since 2010. You two rock. Kristi Came and Eric Benge abley followed in their footsteps. And speaking of editors, Allison Carter did an amazing job editing the workbook. You should’ve seen what she had to begin with.

Thank you to all the Videographers

Any success we’ve had with video can be directly attributed to Rocky WallsZach Downs, and the entire 12 Stars Media. Our teammate Eric Benge has taken our video to new levels.

Thank you to our Photographers

And not only photographers but image makers, finders, and infographic designers. Thank you, Josh, Eric, Kristi, and Brian Merrill.

And most of all thank you to our Readers

We’re not the Huffington Post or Business Insider, but we’re proud that a blog from a graphics company in quiet Plainfield Indiana has had more than 100,000 visitors. And thank you for all the retweets, likes, and shares.

We could not have done this without all of you. Thank you. Your acceptance humbles us. We look forward to our continued relationship. Watch for our post “Thank You for Blog Post Number 2000.” It’s scheduled for August 12th, 2018.

Would you like to contribute a guest blog? Check out our Guest Post Guidelines.