The Benefits of Helping Others

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In many ways, we get what we’re looking for in life. I’m not talking about winning the lottery or marrying a movie star. I’m talking about what we think about, what we concentrate on, and how we live our lives.

Take the workplace, for instance. What would make your job easier and more efficient, or help produce a higher quality product? Where could you use help? Think about that for a minute. We’ll come back to this question. But first, what can you do to make someone else’s job easier and more efficient, or to help them produce a higher quality product?

Do You Believe in Karma?

Karma — what goes around comes around. Karma — we become what we believe, and what we focus on. How we see the world becomes our reality, and that reality is what we find. For example, if you buy a brand new blue model ABC car, you’ll often begin seeing model ABC new blue cars all over the place. Weren’t they always there?

What You Believe is What You Will Find

If you believe the world is full of anger and hatred, that’s what you’ll find. And if you think the world is full of good and grace — you’ll find that as well. If in business, you think everyone is out for themselves, then they are, and if you think most people are pretty good and willing to help each other, that’s what you’ll often find. Like I said, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Where DO You Need Help?

Let’s go back to my first question. I’m surprised how many, when asked this question, don’t know or don’t share what they need. Be prepared by knowing what you need. Have the answer to what would make your job easier, more efficient, or more productive. If you don’t know, who should we ask? Know the answer.

Where Does Help Begin? It Starts With You

Where does help begin? You need to be able to communicate your needs, but if you don’t share your needs, and if nobody asks, what good is knowing? Karma — start by helping others. Believe in helping, focus on it, and it will find you. One way to get help is to give it. Begin by helping others. It will not always be reciprocated, but it will be often enough to make it worthwhile. Besides, it’s a pretty darn fulfilling way to look at life. Who can you help today?

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