Are you old enough to remember when garbage trucks were manned by a driver and three or more loaders? The driver would stop and start at each pick up as loaders stood on the back bumper ready to pounce on the next pick up. Industrious teams sent loaders ahead to the next stop. That’s how it was for years.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Last week I watched our trash pickup. It’s a one person operation. The driver controls an arm that picks up the waste dispenser and then empties the trash into the truck bed. How garbage trucks are made. But this post isn’t about waste removal. It’s about parcel delivery. And parcel delivery is about to undergo a transformation even greater than waste removal.

To Your Door

Workhorse, a commercial-grade, medium duty, truck chassis fabricator has developed a package delivering drone named Horsefly. This drone is designed to sit atop parcel trucks and transport packages to the doorstep. The drones are charged by the truck and can carry packages up to 10 pounds.  This isn’t science fiction it’s been approved for testing.

It’s in Beta but its here

The Federal Aviation Administration granted the Workhorse team a two-year certificate to test drone deliveries at the Wilmington Air Park in Ohio, a closed airport on land five miles square. A drone nicknamed HorseFly is designed to launch off the top of Workhorse’s electric truck and drop a package right at a doorstep. USA Today

A Thing of the Past

In a few years, when I have great grandchildren, I can imagine sitting in my living room with a fire blazing as the little ones ask for Great Grandads funny stories about the old days. “Great Grandad tell us about garbage trucks and all the men who rode on the back of them. “And tell us the one about you only had three TV channels—you’re making that up, aren’t you?” “And before drones did people actually come to your door with Amazon deliveries? Is that really true? How past tense is that?” Better keep your eyes wide open. The future is roaring in, and it’s moving fast.