Soulful harmonies, improvisational lyric edits, and genre defying playlists. These are the norm in TKO’s Plainfield installation shop. Music is common ground for the varied personalities working here — a way to relate. It’s the music of work. 

In my short time as a trainee at TKO, I’ve noticed how installing graphics has its own rhythms. The more experienced crew members understand the order and timing of balancing efficiency with high quality work. Music seems to aid the focus and flow of this process.

We’ve Got the Beat

For me, it’s been cool to see how certain guys respond to different songs. I’ve heard perfectly pitched high notes (not quite Mariah Carey-esque) unleashed by honest, hard working guys who you’d want on your side in any confrontation.

Changing lyrics is another popular practice. The comedic effect a few unexpected words can have on a familiar song is truly surprising.

The Music of Work

I’ve never been one to peg a certain type of music or artist as my favorite. Without wandering off into the expanse of music philosophy, I think it’s amazing sounds exist in such wide array. And that they can be combined and patterned in ways that greatly influence human behavior.

So, if you ever stop by TKO and visit the installation department, expect to hear the irregular noises of industrial workmanship held together by a steady bass line. Gotta have dat bass.