Today is officially the first day of spring. I know, because it’s clearly marked on my calendar. Looking outside gives me no clue — it’s cold and it might snow. Such is spring in Indiana. The spring equinox is one of two days every year we experience equal hours of sun and darkness — one sure sign spring is here. If you’re still not certain spring has arrived, here are a few more tell-tale signs.

10. Bulbs are sprouting… through the snow.
9. Fred in our shipping department spends an hour daily updating the NCAA tourney pool.
8. Highway construction increases, limiting 1/3 of all interstate highways to two lanes (at least, it seems like it).
7. Time springs forward and, once again, we arrive at work in the dark.
6. You awaken to the sounds of chirping birds. Lots of birds, chirping loudly, right next to your bedroom window, at 5 am.
5. Seeds have been in local retail outlets for three months and are now on sale.
4. You receive lawn care direct mail, phone calls, and representatives at your door.
3. You know it’s spring because you’re taking the kids to baseball practice, not basketball.
2. People aren’t spending 3 hours on the couch watching football… they’re watching racing.

And the number one sign of spring is…

1. It’s moved from cold and flu season to allergy time!

There you have it — our top ten signs that spring has sprung. What are your sure signs of spring? Let us know what we should add to the list.