I originally wrote this as an internal newsletter article, but the more I thought about it, the more I believed it had worth as a blog post. There are lessons here for any organization, and besides I wanted to recognize a few of the great people I’m privileged to work with.

It Starts with the Wellness Team

Our wellness committee, Sandy Puttkamer, Chris Hurley, Christine Darling, Becky Manners, Blake Lowe, and Nick Musslewhite did an outstanding job of organizing, promoting, and following through with a companywide weight-loss challenge. The challenge lasted more than two months, and the 12 participants who completed the challenge lost a total of 118 pounds. Good job by all.

The Participants Showed Great Discipline

George Pitney, who lost 16 pounds, and Mike Foster, who lost 18 pounds, both received an honorable mention prize of $50. Kim Munden, who placed third, lost 20.4 pounds and won $230. Tenneva McKnight lost 14 pounds and came in second earning $350. The overall winner was Penny Hunter, who lost 15.8 pounds which was 12.3 % of her body weight. Sandy and others made a show of the top three places being female. Her point was sometimes, partially due to body shaming issues that women grow up with, it’s thought that men have an easier time losing weight. Whether that’s true or not isn’t the issue here. The point is the TKO female staff did it and showed the world.

How to make it better. On Monday 5/2 a luncheon was held to honor the participants and the winners. Healthy Subway sandwiches were served, but much to my disappoint there were no cookies! Sandy asked for advice from the 12 participants. The group appreciated and suggested the team continue:

  • Weekly Weigh-ins
  • Follow up emails
  • Weekly biggest loser prizes

Sandy asked for suggestions and introduced the idea of a team weight loss challenge. A few of the suggestions included:

  • A complete list of participants from the beginning
  • Two to three member teams
  • Awards for the top team and top individual loser

We asked how we could help the wellness committee. The participants shared:

  • Give us more feedback throughout the challenge
  • If you’re struggling, please talk to us

Is Your Team up to the Challenge?

If you have any questions about organizing or managing a wellness challenge, or building a wellness team. Let me know I’ll put you in touch with our wellness committee.