Have you ever thought about outsourcing, using a wholesale manufacturing company? Building your business without the associated costs of manufacturing your projects can be a great way to increase profits.  Production facilities, labor, equipment, and materials eat up your bottom line. Using a wholesale company to manufacture your products gives you the freedom to concentrate on sales, improve customer relationships, and grow your business.

How Many Opportunities Have You Missed?

Have you ever turned down a project because you didn’t have the capability to handle the venture? Have you said no to a proposal because it was too large for your organization?

In my industry, some large re-brand projects encompass all types of printing including vehicle graphics, interior graphics, signage, apparel, literature, and business cards.  Many companies are looking to get everything from one vendor; therefore, providers that diversify have a distinct advantage.

How to Improve Your Product Line

Outsourcing products to compliment your existing portfolio of products is also a good way to offer your clients more while at the same time increase your gross volume. Priced correctly, yet competitively, it can also add to the bottom line improving your profit margin.

What Do You Do Best?

What does your company do best? If a business comes to the realization that what it does best is sales and marketing, not production, then it makes sense to outsource the manufacturing of goods.

Save Money

Outsourcing eliminates often overlooked peripheral costs such as equipment maintenance, investments in technology, administration expenditures, professional fees, and employee training.

Is it Time to Crunch the Numbers?

Maybe it’s time to run the numbers and see if outsourcing is the right choice for your business. If you’d like to discuss outsourcing your large format graphics needs, vehicle graphics, and signage, as well as  promotional products and marketing initiatives, contact me Glenn Burris at gburris@tkographix.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn at LinkedIn Glenn Burris I’d be happy to be your source for outsourcing. Thank you, Glenn.