Business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression. Sure, it’s easy to just shoot off an e-mail or make a phone call, but physical cards are more effective, memorable, and professional. This Lifehacker article makes some great points on why business cards still matter. From the article–

Meeting someone in person only to look down at your phone and start tapping can seem rude and disconnected. You want to smile, make eye contact, and make the conversation you’re having be your main focus. You don’t want to be hoping they have the same information sharing app, asking for their email immediately to send your info, or looking down at your screen.

The nicer your business cards, the more memorable you or your company will be. Anyone can order plain, flimsy, and forgettable business cards online. There are even websites that will give you free or cheap business cards, but you are forced to choose from generic templates and have them printed on inferior paper stock. Lets talk about some ways to stay fresh so you will stand out.

Use an Unconventional Stock


Why stick with paper? Almost anything can be printed on. More elaborate stocks are more expensive, but would you remember the tree trimming company better if their business card was made of wood…or paper? Plastic, metal, wood, and fabric are just some of the many options you have.

Details Matter


Business cards are a tactile way to reach your customers. Make the most of that connection by giving them something to feel. Embossed business cards bring your logo to the third dimension. How about a putting your logo in shiny gold or silver foil that reflects the light? Having your card die cut into a custom shape can give your card the extra wow factor that will cause someone to choose you over a competitor.

Research Current Design and Print Trends


New printing technology brings new and exciting options. Edge painting has long been a classy way to give your business cards some extra zing, but has always been a little pricey. To achieve a similar (possibly even better…) effect, you can get “sandwich” cards now. A paper color of your choice is sandwiched between white paper layers.


What about having a shiny ink printed on black paper, it requires the holder to tilt the card to see your information. Some might argue that you’re making it more difficult for your customer, or perhaps engaging them is actually a way to get them to remember you?

Hire a Competent Designer

Chances are you’re not going to know where to start and how to get exactly what you need. Hiring a competent designer could be the difference between your card being filed away for later use or put into the circular file. I guess I should mention, that TKO Marketing Solutions can get you set up with an amazing business card, we’d love to get in your business.

TKO Tech Talk is a column written by Eric Benge, who has over 10 years experience in the design and print industries. Technology changes rapidly, the advice or information included in these articles is considered accurate and helpful as of the date they are posted online. If you have any questions, technology related or otherwise, please contact us.