Do you remember the hamster dance? It was one of the very first single serving websites. Today hundreds, maybe thousands of single serving websites exist.

What is a Single Serving Website?

Simply put, it’s a website that is one page, has a single purpose, and is accessible from a unique domain name. For instance, tells you how many people are in space…right now. The utility of the websites varies. Whether they are for entertainment, information, social commentary, or no reason at all– single serving websites are a interesting phenomenon on the internet.

Some Examples – Tells you if a website is actually down or if it’s just your computer. – Tells you if you need an umbrella – Plays the infamous “sad trombone” sound effect. – Be a kid again and play with Jello. – Tells you if it’s christmas or not. – Will the page load red…or blue? – Tells you your I.P. address. – Flip a virtual coin! – Tells you when the next Friday the 13th will be. – Loads a variety of color palette’s  great for artists and designers! – Can you do nothing for 2 minutes? – The constant battle. Vote for good or evil and see who’s winning on the internet. – Plays white noise and relaxing sounds. – Create your own Picasso themed work of art! – Tells you exactly how secure your password is.

Single serving sites can be fun or informative. Useful or useless. I think that’s the beauty about them. If you want to know more about them, check out this single serving site…about single serving sites. Have you been to any cool single serving sites? If so, let us know in the comments!