I wanted to title this post, “4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes I’ve Made That You Can Avoid!” or “4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes I’ve Made and You Can Too!” But both titles are too long. Regardless of the title, my hope for this post is to help you avoid at least one of the SMM (Social Media Marketing) mistakes I’ve made. At the end of the post, I’m going to ask you to choose one mistake to improve. Are you ready?

4 SMM Mistakes

Not Understanding SEO

I didn’t understand SEO. Oh sure, I knew what the initialism stood for, and I knew the goal was to show up on the first page of an organic search. I knew keywords were important, but I didn’t comprehend how they worked and what I could do to improve SEO. I’m still learning, but I know the basics. 5 Simple Steps to Better SEO.

No Blogging Plan

When we began the TKO Graphix Brandwire blog in June of 2010, we had no plan. Our plan was to write some blog posts, you know, content marketing. We were inconsistent to say the least. Today we publish six posts per week on three sites, TKO Graphix Brandwire Blog,  TKO Signs Blog, and TKO Marketing Solutions Blog. We’ve published more than 1600 posts and currently have 106 unpublished posts waiting in WordPress. Here’s how we accomplished this, How to Get Ahead of Your Blog. And If you’re serious about getting ahead, this book will help you form a plan, How to Stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever.

Forgetting About Local

Why would TKO Graphix, a national firm with crews all over America care about local SEO? Because many of our largest, longest, and most loyal clients are local, and there’s a lot more like them that aren’t customers—yet. This football season TKO is advertising with the Indianapolis Colts, we have signage at Lucas Oil Stadium and air time on the Colts Radio Network, and we’re using social media to share the local message.

Ignoring Reviews

I, at best put in a half-hearted effort in developing reviews. Once when a sketchy review appeared on Facebook, a review that mentioned another provider in a positive light, a review posted by someone who wasn’t a TKO customer, I asked a few satisfied customers to post their experience. They were more than happy to. However, it wasn’t until our outstanding Customer Service Department took it upon themselves to do something that our reviews grew. We went from 5 google reviews to 55 with a 4.9 star rating in less than two months. Are customer reviews important? Ask yourself this, what do you look for when you search a company? How Important are Reviews to Your Business?

These four mistakes aren’t my only social media marketing mistakes—not by a long shot. I’ve not used social media in support of events, such as trade shows and open houses. Public relations have been left to stand alone without SM. I’ve presented to business, social media, clubs, and NFP organizations and not taken advantage of the social media opportunities to their fullest. The title to this post could’ve been my top 20 SMM mistakes.

The Challenge

I listed my top four mistakes as well as three more in the previous paragraph. I’m sure you can think of others. The challenge? Pick one mistake you make and begin making it strength. I’d love to hear what you choose.

Photo credit: mikemacmarketing via Foter.com / CC BY