To begin with, one of the most important attitudes that great HR teams share is they think of themselves as a team, not a department. And not only do they consider themselves to be a team, but part of the team that is the entire organization.

10. They’re fair, and consistent, as well as professional in their demeanor. They add a reasonable, non-emotional voice to any conversation or action. They are the calm in the storm.

9. They make a great first impression. Through they’re appearance and conduct the present a positive image of the organization. HR personnel are often the first to meet new hire candidates and the first to onboard new recruits. Their bearing has much to do with recruiting and retaining employees. HR’s number one challenge–recruiting.

8. They’re not at odds with the culture. I’ve interviewed human resource candidates for more than one company. Occasionally I’d meet a strong candidate who wasn’t a good fit. Let me explain, while a prim and proper super professional may be perfect for many originations he or she might struggle to work with a loosely organized start up.

7. Their door is open—most of the time. It can’t always be open, but employees know that HR is available, ready to listen, and is there to help.

6. They believe in ongoing training. They are involved and offer HR training, leadership development, new hire orientation, and management best practices. It never stops.

5. They’re organized. All their I’s are dotted, and T’s are crossed. And to be effective in the 21st century they must embrace technology. Old School HR generalists who don’t keep up with technology will be left behind.

4. They understand motivation. They seek what motivates employees as a team and as individuals and do their best to make it available. Putting the human in HR.

3. They never stop learning. Whether it’s attending a seminar, taking a class, or reading up on the newest regulations they never quit looking for more information and a better way.

2. They have fun. It’s OK to have fun. It’s more than OK, it’s real, and it puts the Human in HR. Fun must always be appropriate, but can be creative. Icebreakers before meetings, luncheons, and employee recognition are all fun. 7 ways human resources can be fun.

And the number one answer is…survey says…They take ownership. They take ownership of the team and their place within the organization. They take losing personal and rejoice at winning. They’re an integral part of the team. Do you have a great HR team? What makes your team outstanding?