Unfortunately, there are social media experts and gurus who share SM advice that don’t know their backside from a hole in the ground. Before accepting any social media marketing or networking advice as gospel check out the source. You’d be amazed how many Twitter trainers have less than 100 followers and 50 tweets, Facebook facilitators who don’t have a company page for their business, and LinkedIn lions, who have never joined a group. It reminds me of a networking presentation I once attended where the speaker, a so-called networking ninja, didn’t network before, during, or after his presentation. Before jumping on the follow me social media advice bandwagon do a little research. Don’t take everything you hear and read as fact—even our advice may not be best for you.

You need to be on every social network. Nope, not true. First you should determine where your audience is then how much time you have. If you’re new to SMM, you may want to begin with one network, learn it, and eventually tackle others.

Social Media doesn’t work for our business. There are more versions of the same thing, such as our customers aren’t on social media, or social media doesn’t work for business to business. Yes, your customers are on SM maybe not all of them but some are and many of your future customers are on networks. Today the majority of potential customers began the vetting process online, don’t you? Doesn’t that make a social media presence for your business important?

Forget advertising just put it all on Facebook. SM compliments traditional marketing and advertising. It doesn’t supplant it or stand alone. If you want to connect with all possible prospects, you have to connect with them where they are. Some want collateral materials, some want to visit your website, and others may find you through an ad. You need all the above.

Social media? Let the intern do it, they know about that kinda stuff. Yes, a younger intern may know social media, but do they know your organization, its culture, what you stand for? An intern may help with social media, but they need direction from invested employees.

You don’t need a social media policy. That’s right you don’t until an employee divulges private information about a client, and they drop you like a rock. Want about 50 other examples? Stop Ignoring your Social Media Policy

Save time by auto posting to every network all at once. Please no, do I need to explain?

Delete negative comments, or better yet block comments. Here’s an example of how to handle SM complaints.  Are you prepared for a Social Media Complaint?

Only promote your organization and products so you can become an expert in your field! Social media isn’t advertising. You can’t bombard people and expect them to follow you. You have to give them a reason to follow you by sharing useful, insightful, or humorous content. That’s probably not going to be all about you.

Stuff all your copy with keywordsthat’s how you hack SEO. No, it’s not. You hack SEO the hard way by sharing valuable content.

And the number one answer is, drumroll, please…

You can’t measure Social Media marketing, it’s all about branding.

Here’s one of many examples of how to measure SMM from Social Media Examiner.

Not all Free Advice is Free

Following any of the 10 pieces of terrible advice listed above could be a mistake and mistakes cost time and money—they’re not free. Using bad strategies losses customers—there’s a price for that, and following the wrong suggestion can hurt the reputation of an organization. All can be pricey mistakes. Before jumping on the wrong bandwagon, be certain advice is being offered by someone with a proven social media track record, not a dime a dozen expert. What’s the biggest social media marketing mistake you ever made?