Do you get tired of bad news? Do you find yourself turning off and tuning out the nightly world problems report, the local tragedy index, and the plethora of negativity posted on social media? I know I do. So occasionally it’s nice to share something positive—some good news.

Just the Facts Please

July isn’t historically a stellar month for Class 8 (that’s the big ones) truck sales. It’s usually one of, if not the slowest month of the year, but not this year. According to, “Near-record-setting Class 8 truck orders of nearly 30,000 in July mean the industry is on track to potentially reach 325,000 Class 8 trucks this year, according to preliminary figures from two industry research groups.”

It Gets Better

Last year things weren’t as good. Monitor Daily quoted ATA (American Trucking Association) “…retail truck sales declined in July for the 11th straight month.” To say class 8 truck sales have improved this year is an understatement. FTR Transportation Intelligence, “Has released preliminary data showing July 2014 North American Class 8 truck net orders at 29,516 units, a tremendous 71% year-over-year increase and the second best July ever. Class 8 orders have now had 18 consecutive months with year-over-year increases.”

But Wait…There’s More!

In another industry study performed by ACT Research, they found, “In July, historically the weakest month for order volumes, NA Class 8 net orders again rose above expectations to a six-month high 29,900 units,” said Kenny Vieth, ACT’s President and Senior Analyst. “That volume marked an improvement of 12% from June and 70% compared to year-ago July.”

More Truck Sales Means More Jobs

The trend bodes well for the remainder of 2014. Most predict it will continue and strain tractor and trailer manufacturers as well as outfitters and…graphics providers. When business is good in an industry as large as trucking, it means more jobs, not only in trucking, but peripheral industries as well. And that’s good news for us all. How has your business been affected by truck sales?