Yes, trucking is the hidden heartbeat of America. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us the true character of health care workers, teachers, retail employees, and truck drivers around the country that had to step up and be counted on to keep our country moving. It’s inspiring to see what truck drivers in America are made of.

Truck Drivers Are Good People Who Care

In the past, too many people have classified truckers as less than professional, which was never the case. For years, they have been in the background of America, diligently delivering the essential products our society demands. It’s sad that for many people, it took the pandemic for them to realize the contribution that professional truck drivers make to America. Trucking is an industry filled with good people who care, and often, under appreciated.

During the pandemic, truck drivers placed their own needs in the backseat and have gone above and beyond to get their jobs done. Here’s a little secret – they always have, just hidden in the background of most Americans everyday lives. It just took COVID to show everyone their true character and the important role they play.

Chris Spear, president, and CEO of the American Trucking Association (ATA), in a Transport Topics editorial, Keeping the Industry Moving, shared this, “When the pandemic struck, our industry got to work. While the country was paralyzed by anxiety, the American truck driver delivered a much-needed sense of calm and reassurance. Truckers showed the nation how we pull together and rise to the challenge. By embodying the motto Keep Calm and Keep on Trucking, we reminded America what it means to lead in times of crisis.”

Derek Leathers, CEO of truckload carrier, Werner Enterprises had this to say, “I hope the recognition of the value of the supply chain and the importance of the American truck driver lives well beyond this pandemic.”

Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, CEO of Garner Trucking & ATA’s Chairman, summed it up in her perspective article in Transport Topics, “From the smallest carriers to the largest fleets, we’re all driven by a similar purpose and unwavering dedication to service. We’re bound by a common character; the same values and shared commitment to seeing any job through, no matter the task. Indeed, 2020 has revealed our true character for every American to plainly see.”

Trucking is the Hidden Heartbeat of America

Trucking companies, and the men and women who drive the trucks, have come through for all of us during COVID-19. Transport Topics, the leading trucking industry periodical, noted how critical trucking has been through the pandemic:

“XPO Logistics, for example, has been shipping food, water, and crucial medical supplies and equipment into areas with high concentrations of COVID-19 cases, such as New York and Louisiana.

That work includes expediting hundreds of shipments of N95 medical face masks, visors, and other supplies to hospitals, fire departments, and police stations.”

Trucking Keeps America Moving

It’s true…trucking is the hidden heartbeat of America. Life in America without trucking would be disastrous. Grocery stores would run out of perishable foods in 3 to 5 days, hospitals would be short of critical supplies in a week, and gas stations would have no gas. This isn’t new. It’s been the case for 50 years. And guess what? For 50 years, truckers have come through. So, let me ask you this…with the recent approval of a coronavirus vaccines, who would you trust to deliver them? I’ll put my trust in those who have been delivering across America for more than 50 years, professional truck drivers.

If you would like to learn more about how trucking impacts America, this article from Business Insider has some great insight,  11 incredible facts about the $700 billion US trucking industry.

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