A sign should fit the image of the business, be easy to identify, and grab your attention. The sign shown in this video does all three. The colorful — almost whimsical — design of this sign shouts, “There’s fun to be had here!” The unusual use of fonts, bright colors, and logo capture gazes — one can’t help but notice this sign.

Because of the stylized font, it was more cost effective to custom build this sign as a channel cabinet, rather than traditional channel letters. To help make the sign stand out, we painted the returns (sides) black, then trimmed them with bright gold caps. We also added bright yellow “paint” to the end of the paint brush logo. To top it off, we used super bright low voltage LED lighting to make this illuminated sign pop.

The grand opening for U Paint Pottery is July 27th and 28th. They’re located at 1830 E Main St. Plainfield, Indiana. And as they say, “Mark your calendars to come paint with us.” Paints and pottery in Plainfield — it sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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