USB, or Flash drives, have been primarily used to transfer or store files, but with increased storage capacity of hard drives, and other avenues available for data storage, the need for portable repositories is less critical. Does this mean flash drives have outlived their usefulness? No—the versatility of these devices is only now being realized.

Other Uses for Flash Drives

  • Store Portable aps – Games, productivity software, image editing, and communication aps—the list is endless.
  • Data retrieval and computer revival – Clean a virus infested computer, store anti-virus software, create your own privacy tool kit, or encrypt sensitive data on a drive. How to Geek – Getting Started with Truecrypt.
  • Back up data – Use drives to store emergency information.
  • Save space on your hard drive – Increase the efficiency and speed of your computer by reducing hard drive stored data.
  • Install and run entire operating systems –Want to test drive windows 8? Do it from a USB.

USB Drives are a Flashy Promotional Product

The examples listed above are only a few of the many uses for USB drives, which have been adopted by everyone from self-professed computer geeks to CEO’s. Flash drives aren’t an outdated item—they’re ahead of the field. According to ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) 11% of US consumers own at least one promotional USB drive with men coming in at 14% and women at 8%. What’s more revealing is how it breaks down by age. They’re trending young.

• 55+ 7%
• 45-54 8%
• 35-44 11%
• 21-34 13%

ASI says, “Younger consumers are more likely to own a promo USB drive than their older counterparts.” If you want to target younger prospects, and give them something useful they’ll carry on their key chain, a flash drive may be your best bet. If you’d like to learn more about promotional USB drives, we’d be happy to answer your questions—in a flash. Call us at 1-888-544-8051.

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