In our post, How to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas, I suggest re-purposing press releases, presentations, FAQ’s, and emails as blog posts. This post is an example of how content may be re-used. It’s an email I sent to our sales team.

As we begin the New Year, many businesses focus on goals, forecasts, and quotas for the coming months, which boil down to, who is selling what and how much to whom. If  you’ve struggled with setting realistic goals or settled for… going through the motions, you may view this process with some skepticism. The problem may stem from your goal setting approach. Do you construct a plan of action to achieve your goal? It may be you haven’t embraced previous goals because they were set with little or no input from you. Have results been thoroughly considered and analyzed? Maybe the Ingredients of a goal weren’t calculated, or you work better with structure such as using a goal setting form. If you’ve struggled with this process, the following may help.

The Email

Denny and I will be working with all of you individually on your Net Sales Goals for 2014. We’ll share your 2013 net sales numbers, and with that in mind, we want you to set your volume goal for 2014. As important as goals are many lack one key ingredient—a plan to get there. Please be prepared to discuss the activities that will help you attain your goal. You Cannot do a Goal You can do Activities. Activities may include:

Activities to continue – Consider what worked for you in 2013. How did you obtain some of your best jobs? What did you do that set you apart from the competition?

Activities to stop – What do you need to stop doing? What activities did you try that didn’t work? What did you do that slowed you down or got in the way? If you lost a customer what could you have done or tried to prevent it?

Activities to Improve – What do you need to get better at? What are your sales weaknesses?

Activities to renew – What successful activities have you gotten away from?

Other activities – What else could you do to help you hit your goal?  

You might not have an activity for every example listed—that’s not important. What IS important is knowing what activities, within your control, will affect your sales productivity either positively or negatively.

I’ll sit down with each of you individually next Monday (unless anyone would like to meet this week) if you come prepared with your net goal, and put some thought into activities, this will take less than 30 minutes to complete. Thank you.


I reviewed goals with our sales managers and consultants.  Much thought was put into the effort—the plans were theirs, not mine. The team is focused on improvement, and all have linked specific activities to their goals. We’ll meet monthly to track, pace, and adjust our action plans.

How to use this Email

If you’d like to focus your team on improvement, through activity driven goals, use this email. Copy it, put it in your own words, reform it to fit your needs, and send it to your staff—sales or otherwise. After sending this I’d recommend following up. I sent three additional emails—their 2013 net volume, an individual sessions schedule, and a reminder one business day before the conferences. Please feel free to use this in any way that’s productive for you. We’d appreciate hearing back from you if you do.

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