I use an editorial calendar for the TKO Brandwire blog. This month we needed to reschedule a few posts and in my laziness I scheduled 12/30/2013 as Open. Open…what the heck does open mean?  As I scratched my head, lost in the limbo of finding a topic to write about, it occurred to me I had the subject for a post. The post should be about being open. We should be open to our readers input, ideas, and suggestions. So here’s your chance—what should we write about in 2014? Our current blog topics include:

• FAQs
• Featured Customers
• Human Resources
• Indianapolis Events
• Leadership Values
• Promotional Products
• Sales and Marketing
• Signs for Business
• Small Business Matters
• Social Media & Networking
• Trade Shows and Events
• Trucking & Logistics
• Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Share Your Thoughts Please

What topics would you like to see more of and what subjects would you like us to discuss? Are there categories not included here that you’d like us to add?  Should we post more videos? Do you want to see more instructional or customer testimonial vlogs? Should we be more involved in the graphics community, local business, or not for profits? Do you enjoy the leadership, sales and marketing, and small business posts? Would you like to read more of them? Should we add infographics to the mix in 2014? Leave us a comment or contact us if you have any input, we’d love to hear from you. We’re open to your ideas.

Do You Write?

Would you like to submit a guest post? If so, here’s how TKO Brandwire Guest Post Guidelines  If you have a blog we’re open to reciprocating guest blogs. What do you want to share?