I believe that’s a difficult question, as SB46 meant a lot on many levels. There’s the obvious statistical data, such as:

  • $150 Million — A conservative estimated economic impact
  • $154 Million — Invested revitalization in Indy neighborhoods
  • 2876 Trees — Planted in Indianapolis
  • 150,000 Visitors — In Indy for SB46
  • 100 Million Viewers — Will watch SB46

But, what does it all mean? Not only does this positively affect Indy’s economy, there are continued benefits. Indianapolis and SB46 was the first to institute a legacy program investing in 21 Indianapolis neighborhoods, planting trees, improving roads, and much more.

I chatted with dozens of visitors in the super bowl village. Journalists, sports insiders, and fans from around the world came to Indy, and the vast majority touted our fine city and its preparation. Many of these visitors will be back, and some will champion Indy for consideration in future sporting events.

100 million — a conservative estimate — will watch SB46, which was a travelogue for Indy. You can’t buy that kind of positive exposure — it has to been earned. The impact of conventions, events, and shows will be substantial.

And if you live in Indy, as I do, there’s more. I’m proud. I’m proud of our past and present civic leaders and their vision. I’m proud of the Super Bowl committee – there planning, organization, and implementation. I’m proud of our Colts organization and I’m proud of our people. I’m proud to call myself a Hoosier.

I believe, as individuals or as a society, we fulfill prophecies by how we see ourselves. If we focus too much on the negative, our destiny may reflect that. But when a community like Indianapolis comes together, as we did for SB46, the positive energy paves the way to a positive future for our city. What did SB46 mean to Indy? It meant a lot — maybe more than can be presently realized.