I have seldom met a salesperson who had enough leads. It’s almost always the opposite. Many salespeople spend more time prospecting for leads than they do actually consulting or selling. Most salespeople could use more “at bats”. A salesperson can improve their production without improving their presentation skills, product knowledge, or sales techniques by simply increasing their number of leads.

3 Ways To Get More Leads

Last year, on a road trip with a sales representative, I showed him how to cold call. We drove around Memphis, introduced ourselves to dozens – and in two days – found seven prospects who wanted pricing. There is a place for traditional prospecting such as mailers and cold calling, but there are other overlooked lead generation tools which can be very effective.

Using Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn aren’t only for socializing, looking for a job, or staying up on your industry — They are a valuable source of leads. Other sites like Flickr, YouTube, and Pinterest can all be productive lead generation networks.

Attending Networking Events — While getting my feet wet in a new position, I attended 3-4 networking events per week for over 1½ year. By doing this over time, I’ve met hundreds of potential clients, sent prospects to our sales teams, and landed contracts. This was accomplished by offering help, not by pushing our product.

Presenting to Groups — One of our sales consultants, Jason Scheurer, gave a presentation to 30+ customers at another printing facility last week. He talked about the types of graphics we offer that the other shop doesn’t. Last May, TKO held a National Sales Meeting and invited our associates from all over the country to attend two days of training seminars – we already have orders from both. Also, we present to leadership and social media groups at least once a month.

These three lead generation techniques aren’t pie in the sky; they aren’t “theoretical” sources of leads; they are not something to try because it’s the new thing — heck, two of them are pretty old-fashioned methods. These are lead sources that work for us. Do you have enough leads? What lead generation sources have worked for you?

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