What is Content?

I first titled this post what is content marketing, but that’s not the right title for what I want to share. Content marketing is creating and sharing content typically online to attract a target audience and generate interest in a product, service, or organization. But what is content?

I asked a few folks, who weren’t content marketers, what is content, and the consistent answer I received was copy –blogs, web copy, product pieces, brochures, in other words … words. Most of the people I talked to thought copy meant the written word, and it does, but it also means a lot more.

Video, graphics, and audio are also copy. Not only are they copy but they’re significant tools in the content marketer’s tool belt. Here are a few examples:


Copy is more than a blog post. Content marketing should include several types of published copy. Here are a few of the kinds of copy, with examples, that content marketers use.


Vlogs (video blog) – How Much Do Vehicle Graphics Cost?

YouTube and Instagram – Knott’s Fine Foods Trailer Wrap

Facebook Live – How to Facebook Live Video

Web – TKO Graphix Video

Social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google plus are all set up to share video.


Images – TKO Graphix Portfolio

Infographics – Infographic: Are You Ready for Mobile?

Design – TKO Family of Companies Logos

There are more forms of content, for example, audio content, podcasts such as Roundpeg:  More than a few words. Tutorials, online presentations, and seminars are valuable content. Content isn’t only copy. It’s copy and a lot more. Think about it like this; not everyone takes in information the same way. Everyone has preferences, some, like me, would rather read, others prefer visual – video and graphics, while still others  would rather put in an earbud and listen to the content. The best way to be a successful content marketer is to give the people what they want, and they want more than words alone.

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