by Randy Clark

Everyday, we are bombarded with information. See this, buy that, try this, and look at me! It doesn’t change when we get in our vehicles — radio ads, billboards, highway information signs, and vehicle graphics all bombard us. What kind of impression does your vehicle leave?

It’s more than Vehicle Identification

Vehicle graphics are no longer simply identification, they’re advertising. Not only is it advertising, but it’s also one of the lowest cost methods of getting your word out. What kind of word are you spreading?

Are People Impressed with your Vehicles?

·    Do you have a blank canvas — an empty rolling billboard?
·    Do you make a poor impression with worn or faded graphics?
·    Are you only identifying your brand, but not advertising?
·    Is the message lost because the graphics don’t work?

What kind of impression do you leave?

The more important question might be what kind of an impression do you want to leave? Do you want to travel the highways and byways anonymously with little more than DOT numbers adorning your work trucks? Or, do you want to leave a positive and lasting positive impression? The choice is yours.

Enjoy the video. (It’s only 1:15)