There are branding guides, branding webinars, and branding eBooks by the score. Most share similar information; some give insights while others fall flat. However, many focus primarily on marketing the brand, and as important as that is, there is more to building a brand than broadcasting. Here are four key points that are sometimes overlooked, when creating a brand.

Grab the Domain. While you’re brainstorming names go online and learn if the URL is available. I spent time and money on a consulting business I named GamePlanners, only to find out—the domain was taken. I settled for GamePlannerz. That was years ago, I no longer market the company, but I have a few hundred GamePlannerz one pagers if you’d like one.

Don’t be a Copy Cat. Just because the big guys in your industry do it doesn’t mean you should. Copying the industry leaders will not set you apart but instead, put you in direct competition with the big guys. What is your niche? What unique problems do you solve? Who is your target audience? Create a brand to answer those three questions and you’ll speak to your demographic rather than take the industry giants head on.

Take a Chance. I consult with companies large and small primarily on two topics: leadership and social media. I prefer working with smaller organizations. They’re built to take action. Most often larger firms become weighted down by their on bureaucracy. They seldom move fast and are less inclined to take chances. Be brave. Make a statement.

Cover your Behind. Trademark everything—your name, logo, tagline, products, and services. Take out a little insurance on your brand.

There’s more

There’s a lot more to consider, and there are plenty of resources available to help you with points like:

  • Defining your brand
  • Setting the tone
  • Being consistent
  • Creating a style
  • Keeping it simple

All are critically important and should be given consideration.

Four Points to Ponder

The four points listed above aren’t always talked about. They’re not glamorous or romantic. Branding experts may assume you know to grab your domain and to trademark your logo. Some will advise you not to take chances and that you should copy the big guys. If you’d like to talk about building your brand contact us, it’s a chance you should take.