What to look for in a vehicle graphic provider begins with understanding your needs. Because choosing the wrong vehicle graphic provider can reflect poorly on your organization. Sub-standard work doesn’t reflect on the graphic provider—it reflects on you and your business. The public doesn’t see the provider—the public sees your vehicles. So, when faced with vehicle graphics that are sub-par, poorly designed, or improperly installed, sometimes the best thing to do is strip the vehicle and start over. However, when you know what to look for in a vehicle graphics provider you can save a lot of pain.

Who will Design the Graphics?

Is the customer required to provide graphics? If so, will the vehicle graphics company properly format the design? Do in-house designers have specific vehicle graphic design experience? So, who owns the design and artwork? Why you need to hire a Professional Vehicle Graphic Designer

What type of vinyl is best for the application?

There are hundreds of different adhesive vinyls available for vehicle graphics. Therefore, using the wrong vinyl for the job will cause problems. The Difference between Cast and Calendar Vinyl

Does the ink match the vinyl?

This is often overlooked because ink is ink, right? Nope, it’s not. Because, inks are created to work with specific vinyls. Think of it this way, would you use an interior house paint on the outside of your home? The best providers coordinate vinyl, ink, and laminates. Here’s an example, 3M MCS Warranty

Who will install the graphics?

There’s a lot to vehicle graphics application. Knowing the best practices for the type of vehicle, how weather conditions affect application, and more, can mean the difference between a beautifully finished fleet graphic and something that looks unintentionally like a Salvador Dali painting. Vehicle Graphic Application: The Devils in the Details

What is guaranteed?

I remember years ago I purchased a lifetime warrantied home remolding product. One year later when problems arose, I learned the product had a lifetime warranty, but the installation didn’t. The cost of installation was nearly as expensive as the initial product. So, the lesson is to find out what is guaranteed. Are the product and installation covered? What isn’t guaranteed?

What to look for in a Vehicle Graphic Provider

Knowing what to look for, what to expect from a vehicle graphics provider, can save a lot of pain and agony: the pain of fighting with a provider over what you expected to receive. Because even when a provider agrees to fix any problems the agony of following up and watching everything the provider does. So, save yourself the trouble, know what you’re looking for in a vehicle graphics company, and accept nothing less. If you’re looking for a vehicle graphics provider, please put us under your microscope and be sure to contact us with any questions.