Last week, we published our three hundredth blog post. Our first post, Why Am I So Behind, was published July 15, 2010, and number three hundred, Kicks 96 Car Wrap Portrays Brand Through Graphics, was posted November 27, 2012. Over the last 2½ years, we’ve certainly evolved.

What We’ve learned, and a Review of Our Top Posts

• Don’t give up: 4 Reasons Why Business Blogs Fail
• Creating good content is hard work: How to Improve Your Blog in 24 Hours
• Don’t forget about domain strategy: Owning Your Brand – 4 Blogging Essentials
• Look everywhere for blog ideas: How to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas
• Don’t talk down to your audience: Want to be More Engaging? Use Smaller Words
• You need a plan to grab your share of the blogosphere: 74,736,223 Voices and Counting
• Video should be part of your blogging strategy: Donut Shops Online Video and SEO by Rocky Walls
• It may not take a team but it sure does help: One Thing You Should Add to Your Marketing Strategy
• Write about more than you and your product: Why is a Graphics Company Blogging About Sales and Marketing?

How We’ve Changed

The TKO Brandwire blog was created around the idea of expanding topics beyond our industry to reach a broader audience. We began with posts about leadership and graphics. We later included social media and marketing, and as the company grew, we added signs and promotional products. Earlier this year, we began posting about the trucking industry, bringing our topic total to a dozen.

For most of 2010, we posted once per week, but by 2011, we were posting three a week. We currently publish five posts per week and plan to expand. The look of the posts have changed as well; what began as a primarily text-based format now includes FAQ’s, photo blogs, and videos.

For some of our history, we didn’t always include images with our posts. We’ve learned images are critical, especially when shared on social media sites. We began sharing our blog on Twitter and Facebook. In 2011, we started posting on LinkedIn, and today, we share on Google+ and Pinterest as well.

And we get paid to do this!

Sometimes, it’s been a challenge. It’s certainly been educational, and most of the time, it’s been fun. It’s a wonderful thing when you’re privileged to work with a great team. I’m looking forward to our next 300. By my calculations, we’ll hit number 600 in March of 2014.

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