For most small businesses a memorable web address is critical. For companies, which operate primarily online, a small business domain name that stands out can be the difference in surviving or closing the doors. Either way, finding a small business domain that fits your organization is one of the most important tasks of any new business.

Start with the Domain name

Before you name your business, order cards, pay for t-shirts, and have a sign designed, find a domain name. The reason is that the name you choose first, might not be available, and then what do you do with those cards and T-shirts? It may sound obvious to find a domain name first, but it’s a mistake often made.

Put it in Your Name

If you own the business put the domain in your name, not your business managers, web developers, or junior partners name, but yours. If the domain’s not in your name, you could be held hostage, or even forced to pay thousands of dollars for the name after it’s been established. Do you think it couldn’t happen to you? What if you fired your business manager and they held the rights to the domain? Do you think they’d sign it over for free? Do you want to bet on that chance?

Reach Your Audience

Do you work locally? If so, put your locality in your domain. For example, ABC Reality of Plainfield. If your business caters to one demographic, such as 55 and older, try something like 55 Plus Reality. Whenever possible, add keywords, for example, our business has three domains TKO – Graphix, Signs, and Marketing Solutions.

Make it Easy to Remember

Short and sweet is usually the best approach. Be sure it’s easy to spell and memorable. It should be relevant, for example, TKO Signs without signs in the domain wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

Stick with .com. You might not find the name you want under .com and could be tempted to try other extensions such as .net. ,co. or .biz but remember if you stray from .com you’ll be harder to find.

Keep it!

Once you find a domain that works for your business protect it by signing up for a longer term or setting reminders to renew the name. There have been many times an entrepreneur has built a successful business, let the domain lapse, and then had to pay someone to buy it back.

Finding Your Best Small Business Domain Name

Finding a domain name that works for your company should be one of the first things you do when you start a business. And it takes time to do it right. The domain should fit your business, reach your target audience, be easy to remember, and be memorable. That combination will take thought, research, and preparation.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash