Only a few years ago, most employee recruiting was through newspaper want ads, but it’s more complicated today. Communication, information exchange, and socializing are now done through various channels and networks. How do you find the best recruits? You can find them the same way you would find prospective customers — by learning where they hang out.

Research Your Employees and Industry

• Are the most outstanding salespeople on LinkedIn?
• Did your best production person find you on Craig’s List?
• Did another employee refer a key employee?

Determine Where Your Candidates Are and Reach Out

• Check college career services, like, IUPUI Career Services. These services offer job postings and recruiting opportunities in specific areas of study.
• Place an ad with Craig’s List. It’s free to post and apply to job opennings. Jobs may be posted by location, general categories, and specific requirements.
• Contact unemployment offices. They, along with other government agencies, offer job services, like the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.
• Network on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. Many candidates and influencers are active on social media.
• Consider sites such as and Career Builder. These sites charge a fee, but it may be where the best candidates for specific fields are.
• Spread the word within your organization; send an email, or add an employment opportunity section to your company newsletter. (If you don’t have a newsletter, start one!)

And …

• Ask new hires to refer friends or associates.
• Check with other department managers. They may talk to candidates who don’t fit their team, but might fit yours.
• Add recruiting signage to events such as open houses and trade shows.
• Network with contacts including, vendors, customers, your mechanic, a friendly waitress, etc.
• Plan outside recruiting; once again, ask yourself where candidates might frequent.
• Keep old applications and review them.

I’ve used all the sources above with some success. It’s important to know where the best candidates are. I’ve recently hired several skilled applicants via Craig’s List, and others  on social networks. I hired an experienced machine operator referred to us via other operators. What additional recruiting sources have been successful for you?