The truth is I’ve spent most of my life in Indianapolis, and I’m biased. I love my city. It’s not in my top ten—it’s number one. I worked in retail downtown at 200 N Illinois St in the 1970’s. Back then city closed down at 5:00 except for Thursday night when retail businesses stayed open until 8:00 pm so the “office girls.” could shop. It truly was Naptown. A lot has changed. The 21st century Indianapolis offers anything anyone could ask for except for beaches and a warm climate. We are top rung in cultural events, pro sports, and arts and entertainment, but don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what the world has to say about Indy

Best downtowns 10 Best Downtowns Indy came in at number three. “Residents throughout downtown Indianapolis find convenient access to the city’s many cultural amenities, shopping areas, restaurants and sports facilities.”

Best places for career Forbes Best Places for Business and a Career “Indianapolis has a diversified economy with major contributions from education, health care and finance.”  We were number eight. Top 50 US Cities by Population Indy comes in at number 14 with a population of 848,788

Culture Top 20 US Cities for Culture  Indianapolis was number two on this list. “With six different Cultural Districts, Indianapolis prides itself with a rich cultural heritage. That, coupled with recent initiatives made by local officials to increase the city’s appeal as a destination for arts & culture, have brought the number of cultural properties up to 1,184 (for a population of 835,000).”

Airport Fox 59 Indianapolis named best Airport in America–again. We’re number one—again! Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Sports fanBleacher Report 10 best cities for a sports fan. Indy ranks tenth on this list. “Our cup runneth over. Pro, college, high school and even youth teams are everywhere in Indy.”

CuisineBon Appetite Best New Restaurants –  We have top shelf restaurants for any cuisine you can imagine. Here’s an article about a restaurant in Indy that’s only open in the day and built in a former garage, “A daytime-only shrine to putting an egg on it proves that brunch can—no, should—be the most interesting, inspiring, and ridiculously delicious meal of the day.”

Housing CNN Money Top 5 Most Affordable Places to Live Indy is number one! “In terms of housing markets, Indianapolis is as steady as they come, with few peaks and few troughs.”

Convention CityUSA Today 10 Best Convention Centers  Once again Indy comes in first.

Cultural trailsUSA Today 10 Best Urban Trails  Indy’s cultural trails come in at number five.

Indy is number one!

There you have it, ten top 10 lists from various publications on several topics. Indy ranked number one in four of the lists and came in second, third, and fifth in others. Those numbers are hard to beat, and so is Indy. If you haven’t visited Indianapolis recently—it’s probably time to pay us a visit. If you’d like ideas on things to do, where to eat, where to stay, and more, go to Visit Indy. We look forward to seeing you.