If you’re not using video, and I don’t mean one video hosted on your landing page sharing the story of your product and people—I mean monthly, even weekly, postings of customer testimonials, problems you solve, product production, and behind the scenes—then you’re missing the boat. And it’s big boat. It’s a massive ship, and it’s sailing off without you. Isn’t it about time you got on board?

Video is Huge and Growing

Market reach – YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Facebook video views grew 3.6 times comparing year-to-year and video posted on Twitter receives 150% more retweets—Hubspot It’s the same on every social network. Regardless of your social media marketing strategy and the networks you use, video makes a tremendous impact by reaching more potentially interested parties.

Validity – We live in a visual society. People expect video and believe what they see. When you share how you help customers in a video you reach a greater audience than with words alone and the audience is ready and set to buy-in.

Trust – We’re all looking for companies and products we can trust. Most consumers vet businesses online prior to contact. There is no better way to share to the world what you do than simple customer testimonials. You can scream at the world in print and pictures how good you are, but one video of a customer advocating your products means more than one thousand words on your website.

SEO – It’s simple. The more shares you have of content, the higher your ranking. One key is to always post video on your website. You may host it on YouTube or Vimeo but publish it on your website. At TKO, we post video on our blog. Here’s an example.

So…What’s stopping you?

Let me guess.

You don’t have time – You can shoot a testimonial video in minutes—we do. WatchFire Signs Demo Truck Wrap This was shot in minutes in our break room and a few shots of the work in our bay. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t have to be. It’s real. It’s believable. More than 500 people have viewed it.

It’s too expensive. Wrong again. This video Branding the TKO Way, was created in a few hours by Eric Benge one of our Graphic Designers. There was no other cost than his time.

You don’t have the skills. You don’t have to. For example, this video How to remove a decal has nearly 30,000 views. It’s simple. It was shot on a flip camera, not much different than an IPhone and edited by Candidio a video production service that takes your raw video footage and creates a complete video including lower thirds (screen copy) and music, for a reasonable fee.

You don’t have the equipment. There was a day this may have been true but if you have an IPhone 5 or 6 you have all the video camera you need to get started. One of the Best Films at Sundance was shot on an iPhone 5

No. More. Excuses.

You know I’m right. It’s time to jump in with both feet and share business video. If you’d like some ideas we’d be happy to help, just let us know. If you’d like more examples of real simple business video in action go to TKO Graphix Video there are more than 100 videos for your viewing pleasure.