What is large format print? Have you ever wondered how giant graphics like this 50-story banner, or 3-story interior wall graphics such as the PERQ headquarters, How to Create Excitement with Wall Graphics are printed? How about billboards or graphics on 53-foot tractor-trailers, for example, this fully wrapped 53’ trailer, or huge banners, kiosks, and posters at trade shows and conventions? The answer is it’s done with large format printers.

What is a Large Format Printer?

  • Large, wide, or grand format printers are precisely that; they’re big printers. Some are as wide as 100 inches.
  • Unlike offset printers that use individual sheets, wide format printers use rolls of print material. The rolls are fed into the large format printer and then printed, cut, and cured.
  • Most large format printers in use today are digital. However, there is a place for wide format screen printers as well. Digital or Screen Print Which Should You Use.
  • Grand format printers can print more than 4000 square feet per hour. To put that in perspective that’s printing a five-foot by twelve-foot sheet every two minutes.
  • Typical printers have around a dozen print heads. A large format printer might have more than 100.

The Sky’s the Limit

With today’s modern printable adhesive vinyl’s, the uses for large format print are wide, varied, and only limited by your imagination. Rather than painting your interior walls why not design a large format print? The next time you consider vehicle graphics, think out of the box and beyond a small decal with your name, logo, and phone number, and think about what you could do to advertise with wide format print. Same goes for your next trade show, convention, product launch, or open house. Stop and consider how large format print could add to your event.

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Here’s a two-minute video of a large format printer in action, HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer.

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Photo by Randy Clark