In 2008 TKO Graphix  was one company with one facility. Then in late 2008 early 2009, a vision team was formed to explore future growth possibilities, How a Vision Team Could Save Your Business. We identified TKO’s target audience, explored their mutual problems, and we researched solutions that TKO Graphics might offer. Since that time TKO has added TKO Signs,  TKO Marketing Solutions, and 360 Fleet Services to the family of TKO Businesses. We based the growth and expansion, to a large part on our target audience’s problems and the solutions we could offer. It was the beginning of a new marketing plan for TKO. What’s your best marketing plan?

Do You Know Your Customer’s Pain?

Do you know what problems your client’s face? For example, we listened to our fleet customers and learned that the logistics of not only vehicle graphic application, but trailer de-identification, repair, and maintenance were all a source of pain, costing time and money. Often, vehicles would be off the road and out of commission for weeks, and if the vehicle needed repairs before installing graphics they might have to travel miles from place to place. This could mean sandblasting at one location, roll door conversion at another, and new paint at still another location. Sometimes these various providers weren’t even in the same state. Our answer was 360 Fleet Services. At 360 we offer sand blasting, painting, roll door conversions, de-identification, and vinyl graphic installation – all at one location. It makes the logistics of trailer repair and rebranding simple. It’s a fleet manager’s dream.

Fleet vehicles taken off the road for de-identification and vinyl graphic application was another problem our customers faced that we recognized. Because a work vehicle sitting idle in a bay isn’t cost effective.

Two Examples of Meeting Customer Needs and Solving their Problems.

4,000 work vans

“A National landscaping company contacted TKO Graphix to manufacture, de-identify, and install new graphics. Through TKO’s online fulfillment program, the decal manufacturing, shipping, delivery, and installation to all 200+ locations was coordinated. The work was all completed after work hours with zero time lost. A potential multi-thousand dollar loss, from interrupted work, was avoided.” — 4,000 Vehicles Zero Down Time. 

17,000 Piece Rebrand

“TKO management and the installation teams met with the customer before the project began. Together they set the expectations of the job including deadlines, locations, and logistics. The TKO installation management team created a procedure book specifically designed for the project. The procedure binder included systems, policies, procedures, and layout. We completed on time, at the customer’s locations, and to their satisfaction. The entire process from staffing to quality control was a team effort.” — 17,000 Piece Rebrand

The Keys to Solving Your Target Audiences Problems

Know Their Pain

First, you must recognize and understand your client’s pain. Observe where their systems break down, recognize what costs them time and money, and listen to their needs. Periodically survey your customers and continuously ask where they need help. Learn their problems and look for ways you can help.

Form a Plan to Help

During our vision team in 2009, we recognized many problems our customers faced, but we didn’t have solutions for all of them. We began with 360 fleet services and were able to help with a list of problems affecting our client base.

How Big of an Issue is it?

Once problems have been identified and solutions have been found to be feasible the next step is to rate the seriousness of the concern.

  • Is it urgent? Is it a problem that if delayed causes more problems?
  • Does the problem affect the majority of your clients or only a few? Is it pervasive?
  • Will it be worth the price? Will customers be willing to pay what it will profitably coast to solve the problem?

So, What’s Your Best Marketing Plan?

Your best marketing plan is to solve your customer’s most threatening problems – the ones that keep them up at night. And then do so professionally and at a cost that makes sense to them. Do that and customers will be knocking at your door.

Photo Credit: Author: geralt ID: bb493ac89b2741465e Provider: Pixabay