Your Company and Halloween Promotional Products
It may be 95 degrees outside, but it’s mid-September, and that means Halloween can’t be far off. My wife and I enjoy Halloween—it’s a pretty big deal at our house. We’ve already ordered Halloween pencils to give away. Have you considered the promotional product opportunities Halloween offers you and your organization? Here are a few ideas:

Pumpkin – There are pumpkin pencils, pens, bags, candy, and temporary tattoos—pumpkin magnets, stress balls, and pumpkin drawstring backpacks. You name it—it comes in pumpkin.

Candy – Hershey’s minis with your company name, dum-dum pops with your logo, chocolate, peanut butter, and peppermint—whatever your heart desires. Remember to order what you like just in case there are leftovers.

Safety – Jack-o-lantern flashlights, bags with reflective stripes, a light-up whistle on a lanyard, or a flashing LED wristband. They’re hundreds of products to help trick-or-treaters be seen and heard.

We may be in the middle of a drought here in the great desert of Central Indiana, but it won’t be long before the temperature drops, the leaves fall, and witches travel by broom. If you’d like some ideas for seasonal promotional products that fit your organization’s needs and budget, let us know.