Semi-Tractors - 17,000 Piece Fleet Rebrand

Case Study: 17,000 Piece Fleet Graphics Rebrand

Rebranding a Large Fleet of Semi-Trailers and Tractors


When an international shipping company acquired another carrier, and took possession of their fleet of semi-trailers and tractors, they approached TKO Graphix about completing the large fleet graphics rebrand of 17,000 semi-trailers and tractors. Previous graphics providers, involved in the rebrand, were not hitting expected quotas and deadlines.

The challenge presented to TKO Graphix was to produce new decals, remove any existing decals from the equipment, and install the new decals on 17,000 pieces of equipment, located in 17 locations, all within 8 months.


The acquired existing fleet consisted of more than 17,000 pieces of equipment (tractors, trailers, and trucks).

  • All of the pieces needed de-identified (removing the existing graphics).
  • The pieces were scattered across the United States.
  • Several of the facilities weren’t ideal for vinyl graphics removal, preparation, and application.
  • Many of the pieces of equipment required repairs and most needed full-scale preparation.
  • Customer set an eight-month deadline for completion.


At the beginning, before any of the work started, project procedures and job progress tracking were established. Together, TKO Graphix Project Managers and the customer, set expectations of the project including deadlines, locations, and logistics. Then, project managers implemented a detailed plan of coordinating the printing, shipping, decal removal, and installation, as well as planning on-site preparation, scheduling delivery of tractor-trailers, and managing the online job tracking system.

First, for a job this size, TKO Graphix promptly added staff to installation department. Newly hired installers were trained in-house and then teamed up with experienced installation crews for each designated installation location.

Next, to get the best productivity and quality, each installation site was prepared for the work and assigned a designated crew. Prior to starting work at an installation site, TKO Graphix Installation Management travelled to each location to prepare the site and the crew. As part of this on-site training, focus was put on work ethic, organization, procedures, and quality.

Communication was a key factor in making this project successful. Job status was communicated daily along with weekly scheduled conferences between the customer and the Project Manager.

Flexibility was part of serving the customer and meeting their expectations. When the customer found it difficult to route equipment to the original 17 locations chosen for installation, 24 more install locations were added, set up, and staffed by TKO Graphix. Shifts were stair-stepped to fit the availability of equipment. Crews were moved from location to location.

Lastly, packing and shipping procedures were adjusted for efficiency. Traditionally, tractor-trailer decal sets are shipped individually. On a job this size, a significant amount of time would have been wasted packing, opening, and disposing of the shipping cartons. The solution was to bulk ship the decals sets which saved time, energy, and waste.


The customer was so pleased with the quality of work, TKO Graphix was asked to take over uncompleted work from other graphic providers. Two of the previous graphic providers, working on the project, completed less than one-third of the work accomplished by the TKO Graphix team. In the end, the job was completed on time, at the customer’s locations, and to their satisfaction.

Recognizing what was essential to meet the customer’s needs, planning the process, and coordinating the operation on a project this large takes a special team.


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