27 06, 2016

FAQ: What Role do Vinyl Graphics play in OEM?

By | June 27th, 2016|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

Great question. I seldom include definitions, but in this case, I want to clarify that OEM means many things to many people. According to Search it Channel Tech Target  “OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a broad term whose meaning has evolved over time. In the past, OEM referred to the company that originally built a [...]

24 06, 2016

Are Your Salespeople Open or Closed for Business?

By | June 24th, 2016|Sales & Marketing|

Have you ever rushed to a retail store to pick up something you urgently needed only to find the door locked, lights off, and the “Please Come Again” sign hanging in the window? Have you ever been involved with a salesperson that locked his or her door and turned off their lights before you had [...]

23 06, 2016

TKO Quiz: How Much do You Know About Fish?

By | June 23rd, 2016|TKO Quiz, Uncategorized|

  * Information compiled from Indianapolis Facts  and Encyclopedia.com Indianapolis How did you do? Do you know Indianapolis as well as you thought you did? Were you surprised by any of the answers? Let us know in comments. We’d love to hear from you.

22 06, 2016

3 Brick Walls for HR to Climb

By | June 22nd, 2016|Human Resources|

Every business, every department, and every individual occasionally hits a brick wall. Sometimes it’s due to company policy and culture, other times it’s outside the workplace, such as the economy or new technology, regardless,  when we come to a brick wall we have two choices—give up while blankly staring at the bricks or find a [...]

20 06, 2016

FAQ: Can I change Information on my Vehicle Wrap?

By | June 20th, 2016|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

You’re not the first and won’t be the last to ask this question. Businesses in the midst of a rebrand ask if they can change out their logo. Companies move and want to add their new address. Phone numbers change, and we’ve had a few customers who have changed their website URL. The answer is [...]

17 06, 2016

How to Create an Engaging Corporate Voice

By | June 17th, 2016|Social Media & Networking|

Here’s the thing. People are moved by emotion more than by logic. A robot-like corporate voice will not drive potential customers as much as appealing to folks senses and passions will. Likewise, a blog post written in AP style like a news release may look and sound splendid, but the question is will it move [...]

16 06, 2016

Indiana Originals an Original Idea

By | June 16th, 2016|Small Business Matters|

Saturday 4/16/16 (my sisters 24th consecutive 39th birthday) I attended an Expo at the Biltwell Event Center (more about that later) sponsored by Indiana Originals. For me, it was a perfect Saturday afternoon. I met more than fifty Indiana businesses including leadership coaches, authors, jewelers, and printers. I learned about their businesses, and made several connections [...]

15 06, 2016

How to Make the End of your Blog Post a Beginning

By | June 15th, 2016|Social Media & Networking|

The end of your post shouldn’t fade into the sunset, end abruptly, or ghost off into the night. It should be as compelling as the title that attracted the reader in the first place. And it should be as entertaining or enlightening as the body of the post. If the purpose of your post is [...]

13 06, 2016

When Vehicle Graphics may be a Bad Idea

By | June 13th, 2016|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

It may seem funny for a vehicle graphics provider to publish a post about when not to put graphics on cars and trucks. However, we’re in business for the long haul. We want to build relationships with customers. We’re not interested in one and done. And if vehicle graphics aren’t right for you, we have [...]

10 06, 2016

How Wellness Initiatives Affect Truck Driver Retention

By | June 10th, 2016|Trucking & Logistics|

I’ve written about the truck driver shortage, Why there's a truck driver shortage and what to do about it. We’ve mentioned health and well-being as a key ingredient to driver retention, but it wasn’t until I read this statistic that it truly hit home. “How many drivers do you think the trucking industry lost to [...]