24 07, 2014

Do You Have a Disaster Emergency Plan?

By |Human Resources, Small Business Matters|

A couple of weeks ago a tornado touched down less than a mile from TKO Graphix. Our HR department had created an emergency preparedness plan. It had been practiced. It was implemented. Not everyone followed the procedure. Had the tornado struck there may have been casualties that could have been avoided had the […]

23 07, 2014

Good News Ministries—Doing A Busload of Good

By |Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

In this video, Drew Lannerd, a 12-year board member, shares a little about the Good News Ministries “Good News Mission was founded in 1950 strictly as a rescue mission for homeless men. In 1983, Good News Mission moved to its current location at 2716 E. Washington Street on […]

22 07, 2014

Becker Landscaping: A Sign that fits

By |Signs for Business|

Monument signs standout; they inform and direct. They’re used to identify an organization, locate a division, and share something about the nature of the business or culture of the company. And while the Becker Landscaping monument sign does all of this—it accomplishes something more; it fits its environment. The Becker landscaping grounds are a […]

21 07, 2014

Poorly Maintained Roads Cost all of us—Twice

By |Trucking & Logistics|

My daily drive home includes a one-half mile two-lane ramp entering I-70. It’s a busy ramp. The right lane has a break in the pavement seam that’s close to six inches wide, and it may be deep enough to reach china. I discovered this pothole by hitting it a 30 MPH. It was a […]

18 07, 2014

Why You Should be Networking Internally

By |Social Media & Networking|

We’ve written quite a bit about networking such as, Your Best Networking Plan Keep it simple and Top 10 Networking Mistakes, but so far everything we’ve discussed has been outside networking, after hours or away from the office. Isn’t networking at the workplace just as important?

What Internal Networking Isn’t

Networking at the office shouldn’t be […]

17 07, 2014

B-eautiful B-Squared Vehicle Wrap

By |Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

This is what vehicle graphics are supposed to look like; it’s what they’re supposed to do. It works because it’s simple, elegant, and effective. Too often we see cluttered car wraps, decals that are difficult to read, or partial wraps missing pertinent information—not sharing what’s important. That’s not the case with B-Squared.

Why This Wrap […]

16 07, 2014

Is Customer Service Part of Your Marketing Plan?  

By |Sales & Marketing|

If not, it should be. It should be part of your marketing campaigns, branding initiatives, and promotional networking. Customer service is the cornerstone of your entire marketing department. Without coordinating customer service and marketing, all of your efforts—may be a waste of time. Think that statement is a bit…harsh? Review these […]

15 07, 2014

Why Every Business Needs Automotive Promotional Products

By |Promotional Products|

As of 2012 there was 253 Million Vehicles Registered in the United States of America. Approximately 67% of the total population of 320 million Americans are 16 years of age or older; eligible for a driver’s license. The total number of licensed drivers in the USA is 196 million, which translates to […]

14 07, 2014

Trade Show Marketing Checklist

By |Sales & Marketing, Trade Shows & Events|

We’ve shared trade show posts including 10 Ways to Improve Your Trade Show Results and 6 Tips for Trade Show Follow Up Success. Today’s post is a simple, straightforward marketing checklist. Any organization spending time and money on trade shows wants to get the most from their investment. […]

11 07, 2014

TKO Tech Talk: Bleed

By |TKO Tech Talk|

Your beautiful new business cards arrived today. You love the design and the bright blue background. There’s only one problem; they’re all white on one edge. Whether you’re ordering a banner, business card, or vehicle graphics–if you’re supplying artwork that has a design that goes off the edge of the print, you should be […]