1610, 2014

TKO Tech Talk: Color Matching and Pantone®

By |TKO Tech Talk|

Have you ever tried to describe a color to someone? Have you disagreed on a color? Is it mauve or maroon? Coral or salmon? Everyone perceives color differently. When do you stop calling it blue and start calling it purple? Color matching is the solution to these problems. We’ve talked about […]

1510, 2014

Leaders go to Bat for their People—do you?

By |Leadership Values|

Don’t confuse project management with leadership. Projects are managed—people are led. Leaders lead people. It’s that simple. And it’s that complicated. To lead people, one must care about people. To care about people you have to know people. Do you know your people?

Where do you start?

Talk to your people. Hold discussion meetings. Meet one on […]

1410, 2014

Featured Customer: Carrsun Construction

By |Featured Customers|

The best thing said about this vehicle graphic was by the second Carrsun construction driver while standing next to his plain silver-gray truck. He said, “I hate parking next to this truck it makes mine look so bad!” Don’t get us wrong, his gray truck was immaculate, clean inside and out, if it wasn’t new […]

1310, 2014

Who’s Training the Trainer? 

By |Leadership Values|

Have you ever managed managers? I have. And for a time I wasn’t very competent. I expected my managers to know it all and do it on their own. I mean—they were managers, weren’t they?  I remember discovering several of my managers weren’t properly training their direct reports. They were turning new people over to […]

1010, 2014

The Cost of Custom Decals

By |Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

If a picture is worth a thousand words what’s the worth of video? That’s what we asked ourselves before we created this video. One of our more popular blog posts covers the topic of decal cost, and we wanted to share the information in a format appealing […]

910, 2014

ELD’s can do a lot more than Record Information

By |Trucking & Logistics|

ELD’s (Electronic Logging Device) originally known as Electronic On-Board Recorders have been around for several years. ELD’s are mandated and regulated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.) Not only are they here to stay but they have the potential to be a lot more than a […]

810, 2014

Who have you Helped Today?

By |Social Media & Networking|

This post isn’t about paying for the Starbucks of the person behind you in the drive through. It’s not about volunteering at a food bank or donating to the Salvation Army. And although these efforts are thoughtful and commendable this post is about business networking. Wait-what? What the heck does helping someone have to do […]

710, 2014

Clever Vehicle Graphics

By |Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

All rights from the images above belong to their respective owners. TKO Graphix did not design or install these graphics.

We’ve shared posts on effective vehicle graphics—what to do, how to do it, and why, as well as what not to do. We’ve even shared a complete downloadable eBook on the subject […]

610, 2014

TKO Team Talk:  Ronnie Roessler

By |TKO Team Talk|

TKO Team Talk is a chance to get to know us—one team member at a time. It’s a glimpse behind the curtain. In this series, we ask individual teammates four questions. The questions are designed to share insights into the family of TKO companies and reveal a little about the people behind the brand.

Ronnie has […]

210, 2014

Marketing Multiple Products to a B2B Segment

By |Sales & Marketing|

We work with a few individual customers, but the vast majority of our work is with businesses. And although our market has expanded, the majority of our work continues to be with fleets. Whether it’s working with a private fleet that transports its own goods or a trucking company shipping various and sundry products coast […]