18 09, 2014

Photo Blog: Killa Dent Removal’s Killa Wrap

By |Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

It stands to reason a wrap for an automotive service should be outstanding, and this one is. Can you imagine sub-standard vehicle graphics on a truck advertising dent repair? It would lose some credibility, don’t you think? The design, layout, and application of this full wrap are eye-catching and effective.

Here’s Why it Works:

  • Overall presentation […]
17 09, 2014

Making Time to Sell

By |Sales & Marketing|

If you’re a solo-preneur, work in a start-up, or own a small operation, then you most likely wear a lot of hats. You have multiple responsibilities. Designing and delivering products and services may take the majority of your time, but if you’re responsible for sales as well—it can create a backlog. The problem is […]

15 09, 2014

TKO Tech Talk: Color Modes

By |TKO Tech Talk|

When you think about color, you might remember Roy G. Biv from when you were in school. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). This was a nifty acronym that represented Isaac Newton’s discovery that color is intrinsic to light. While his reasons of choosing those seven specific colors remain a mystery, his legacy […]

12 09, 2014

2 + 2 = Vets Need Jobs—Trucks Need Drivers

By |Trucking & Logistics|

On July 24th, our HR manager and I represented TKO Graphix at a job fair sponsored by HVAF  (Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation.) The organization is “Dedicated to eliminating homelessness among veterans and family through education, prevention, supportive services, and advocacy.” We met a lot of outstanding people, shared the opportunities […]

11 09, 2014

This Haven of Hope could use Your Help

By |Leadership Values|

In July, I was privileged to visit Hope Haven Horse Farm. Our COO, Denny Smith, introduced me to the amazing work this not-for-profit does and invited me to ride-along. The visit was enlightening, rewarding, and emotional. I had tears in my eyes more than once.

9 09, 2014

How to Use Our New Fleet Graphics Guide

By |Uncategorized, Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

Is maintaining fleet graphics part of your job description? If you are one of the many fleet managers, marketing specialists, or maintenance personnel whose duties include vehicle graphics—this guide is for you. If you’ve been given the responsibility to procure vehicle graphics that fit the company brand, look good and last— you know it’s […]

8 09, 2014

How Will Cooperative Enterprise Affect Your Business?

By |Sales & Marketing|

You’re aware of the term ‘cooperative business.’ You’ve read about airbnb, “Renting unique accommodations” and even shared a ride on UBER, but what does this have to do with your business? You don’t see how cooperative whatchamacallit has anything to do with you and your organization. Borders, Blockbuster, and Kodak […]

5 09, 2014

Your Best Networking Group is Waiting

By |Social Media & Networking|

What if I told you there’s a collection of people, who could be your best networking group, and they’re right under your nose, would you want to know more? This group is invested in you. They want to see you succeed. They want to help. They’ve helped when you haven’t even asked for help. […]

4 09, 2014

But…But…the Internet’s down!?

By |Social Media & Networking|

I work from home on Tuesdays. I manage several social media accounts, and it’s my rough draft day. I write five blogs and various case studies, workbooks, and web copy every Tuesday. I have a system. I’m organized. I get s…tuff done. But today, Tuesday 8/5/14, the internet went down.

What about the Smartphone and […]

3 09, 2014

New Employee Hiring Checklist

By |Human Resources|

Your business is growing, and it’s time to look to the future. If you want to keep growing, you need help. It’s time to hire your first employee. Up to this point, you may have worked alone, outsourced, or used freelance, and contract help. There’s a lot to consider whether you’re hiring your first […]