2901, 2015

Bet You Haven’t Thought of These Networking Opportunities

If you agree with me that networking is one of the surest ways to expand your horizons wouldn’t it make sense to look for networking opportunities beyond the norm? Networking events, social media meetups, and chamber meetings are all great places to meet people and be introduced to companies. When you think about it—any gathering […]

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2801, 2015

Vehicle Graphics: How To Achieve Maximum Branding Impact On Wheels  

Vehicle branding continues to be an increasingly effective method for a business to create a brand identity through its fleet of bikes, cars, vans, buses and trucks. There is a range of key factors to consider to ensure a business achieves the maximum branding impact on its vehicles.
What Sort Of Impact Do Vehicle Graphics Make?
Vehicle […]

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2601, 2015

TKO Tech Talk: Website Security

We recently were one of over 100,000 websites affected by malware (Malicious Software) that infiltrated our family of websites and added us to the 11,000 websites that were blacklisted by Google. We’re in the clear, now, but it was a rough weekend.
How did this happen?
Our websites are designed using Wordpress, a very popular CMS (Content Management […]

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2301, 2015

How to Make More Time for Sales

One of the most common complaints I hear from salespeople is they don’t have enough time to sell. They spend their time following up orders, answering questions, and providing customer service. Handling these activities is a large part of being a good salesperson. However, when these actions are unplanned and uncontrolled they reduce the time […]

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2201, 2015

Graphics Surface Preparation for Various Substrates

When most folks think about graphics application, they envision the installation of decals and full coverage wraps on multiple types of vehicles. The majority of what we do at TKO Graphix involves cars, trucks, and trailers, but that’s not all we wrap. We apply adhesive vinyl graphics to the exterior of buildings, interior walls, floors and […]

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