20 11, 2017

How to Avoid and Repair Vehicle Graphics Bubbles

By | 2017-11-20T10:24:18+00:00 November 20th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

Blowing bubbles, bubble baths, and bubble fountains are all good, but vehicle graphics and bubbles don’t make such a good combination. Because over time vehicle graphics bubbles retain moisture, which expands and contacts eventually leading to a tear, often caused by 55 MPH winds coursing over the vehicle as it cruises around the interstate highway. [...]

13 11, 2017

The Truth About Vehicle Graphics Fiction

By | 2017-11-13T09:59:29+00:00 November 13th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

I’ve been around vehicle graphics for more than seven years, and I work with folks who have 30 years’ experience. We’ve seen and heard it all. There are several persistent tales about vehicle graphics that just aren’t true. Some of these misunderstandings have developed their own mythology, “Did you hear about the company that wrapped [...]

18 09, 2017

What’s the Purpose of Fleet Graphics?

By | 2017-09-18T09:53:43+00:00 September 18th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

So, what is the purpose of fleet graphics? Is it to make fleet vehicles more attractive? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Could it be because a Vehicle Wrap Protects Paint? So, doesn’t a vehicle wrap protect the car or truck from the sun and minor scratches? Yes, but should that be the [...]

8 09, 2017

TraveliN Recreational Vehicle Wrap

By | 2017-09-08T09:31:42+00:00 September 8th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

TravelIN is Indiana’s premier travel and lifestyle magazine dedicated to sharing, “…the things that make Indiana a great place to live, work, and play.”  The magazine covers the arts, culinary delights, Indiana history, family fun, and outdoor adventures. It shares stories from all over Indiana, southern, central, and northern and highlights Indiana’s cities and towns—Bloomington, [...]

28 08, 2017

Box Truck Wrap: Town and Country Home Center

By | 2017-08-28T09:27:23+00:00 August 28th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

The Town and Country Home Center box truck wrap is a great example of taking vehicle graphics from identification to advertising. The before photo shows the box truck with identification, DOT numbers, and the corporations name. No advertising, contact information, call to action, or tag lines. It’s more than ID it’s Marketing The complete adhesive [...]

21 08, 2017

Indianapolis Airport Authority Vehicle Graphics

By | 2017-08-21T09:49:59+00:00 August 21st, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

My last traffic violation citation was for speeding. I was ticketed by an Indianapolis Airport Authority Police officer. It was me who was in the wrong. I was going too fast. Although I didn’t enjoy paying the fine, I have to say the deputy was professional, as well as personable.  So, what’s this have to [...]

7 08, 2017

The Fleet Graphics 5 Second Rule

By | 2017-08-07T09:40:16+00:00 August 7th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

I’m not talking about that 5-second rule for dropped food, how does that work anyway? Does the dropped morsel resist dirt and germs for 5 seconds? I’m talking about how much time your fleet graphics have to make an impact on consumers, 5 seconds, and you may have only three seconds—sometimes less. Why is that? [...]

24 07, 2017

FAQ: How Do I Know I Got Good Deal on Fleet Graphics?

By | 2017-07-24T11:09:33+00:00 July 24th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

How do you know you got a good deal on vehicle graphics? Are you happy with the finished product? Did the job meet your expectations? Because if it didn’t meet your needs, regardless of price or expediency, it’s not a deal, is it? When people talk about a good deal, they usually mean price, but [...]

17 07, 2017

6 Things You Need to Know Before Having a Trailer Wrapped

By | 2017-07-17T09:54:18+00:00 July 17th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

There are more than six steps to wrapping a trailer, but these six are what you should discuss, follow up, and check before, during, and after having a trailer wrapped. Because, missing the boat, I mean trailer, on any of these six points can lead to delays, additional costs, and lower a quality finished product. [...]