17 07, 2019

FAQ: Does Every Vehicle in a Fleet Need a Full Wrap?

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So, does every vehicle in a fleet need to be a full wrap? The answer is no, and we’ll share a great example, Whicker Construction’s fleet vehicles. Example One We recently completed a full warp of a work van for whicker Construction. “The wrap uses a branded image of a beautiful home with the same [...]

3 07, 2019

A Night in ER, an Answer to ER Overcrowding, and the Hendricks Regional Health Box Truck Wrap  

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This post is about the  Hendricks Regional Health box truck wrap that we wrapped earlier this year. But more importantly, it’s about what the wrap represents. However, before I get to the wrap, I want to share a personal story. That Time I Passed Out at Work Several years ago, I got up from my [...]

18 06, 2019

FAQ: How do Static Window Clings Work?

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So, how do static window clings work? Great question, because most people assume static window clings use static electricity to adhere to a surface, but that’s not the case. What causes the cling to stick to the glass isn’t static electricity it’s suction. Would you like to know the science behind static electricity or the [...]

17 06, 2019

Do Vehicle Graphics Hurt Resale Value? 

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Do vehicle graphics hurt resale value? When done correctly it's just the opposite. They can add value to a vehicle. A few years ago, one of our sales consultants approached a national organization that is well-known for providing cars to high-producing salespeople. It seems the color of the vehicles adversely affected the resale value when [...]

12 06, 2019

Aqua Blue Swimming Pool Service Work Truck Wrap

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We’ve worked with the fine folk at Aqua Blue Swimming Pool Service for several years, and not only are they a pleasure to do business with – they get it. They understand that vehicle graphics is more than identification, but at the same time, they know that too much of a good thing can destroy [...]

10 06, 2019

The Marvin Johnson and Associates Fleet Graphics Are One of My Favorites and Here’s Why

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I chatted with TKO graphic designer Jamie Burch about this wrap. He didn’t create the design, but he did adapt the graphics to fit multiple vehicles. I began the conversation by sharing that the Marvin Johnson and Associates fleet graphics were one of my favorite designs. And then I asked Jamie what made this wrap [...]

5 06, 2019

Lampliter Vehicle Graphics Shining A Light on Their Service

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I met John DeWaal in the TKO Graphix upstairs breakroom. I introduced myself and asked if he was waiting on a vehicle graphics installation. He was. It was his truck, or rather a work truck for the company he founded last July, The Lampliter. John saw a problem that didn’t have a good solution. HOA’S [...]

28 05, 2019

Why Your Business is Losing Money if You Don’t Advertise with Fleet Graphics

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Your business is missing out if your fleet isn’t being used to advertise your operation. I’m not talking about a decal on the door in two-inch letters with your name, hometown, and phone number. That’s identification, not advertising. Your fleet may be the most cost-effective form of marketing available. Yet too many organizations spend their [...]