When it comes to adhesive vinyl vehicle graphics, not all warranties are created equal. Because, inks, printers, and the skill of the application team all impact the quality of the installation. Only the best vehicle graphics providers who have completed training, passed inspections, and use the correct products, qualify for 3M MCS Warranty certification.

How do Providers Become MCS Warranty Certified?

“This program is open to graphics manufacturers who use 3M’s screen print or digital inks, as well as 3M films, clears, over laminates and application tapes. The process has several steps:

  • Register on-line, listing each printer and 3M ink combination you wish to register.
  • Electronically sign the certificate agreement.
  • Complete 3M’s online training modules.
  • Once those are completed successfully, 3M will contact you about a site visit (required for digital printing).
  • If approved, we will email you a package that includes a personalized Certificate of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, the warranty logo, guidelines for usage and other helpful information.” —  Certificate of 3M MCS Warranty Program Prerequisites

Furthermore, a lesser warranty, one that doesn’t require application skills or the use of complementary materials, can lead to fleet graphics disappointment.

What does the MCS Warranty Cover?

The MCS Warranty protects the end used from defects. Here’s a very basic look at the coverage.

  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Manufacture of the vinyl including adhesiveness
  • Printer and ink defects (excluding misprints)
  • Cutting, when cut according to procedure

If you’d like to learn more here’s the complete warranty, 3M MCS Warranty.

Why’s this Important to the End User?

The 3M MCS warranty guarantees that materials, inks, and printers are combined by providers to offer the best product for the job, and then it goes a step further. Because applicators are required to pass MCS testing of best practices in adhesive vinyl graphic installation. If it were your company’s vehicle, which warranty would you want? If you’d like to work with our 3M MCS certified team contact us.