5 Ways to Use the Advertising Space You Already Own…



Ways to Use
the Advertising Space You Already Own


Did you know that your fleet of tractor trailers, box trucks, vans and pickups can be your most impactful and cost-effective form of advertising?

Here’s 5 ways to use fleet graphics to take advantage of your prime advertising space:

1. Unify Your Brand

Fully Wrapped Semi Trailer with Red Gold Graphics

Red Gold Trailer Wrap

Effective fleet graphics and wraps build brand recognition and helps to unify your brand! Fleet branding allows your logo and message to be seen by thousands of potential customers each day. It’s uninterrupted advertising that works whether on the road or parked. From a full coverage wrap to spot graphics, whatever your budget, fleet graphics play an important role in your brand’s identity.

2. Promotion

Craft Roads Beverage Box Truck Wrap

Use your fleet of tractor trailers or vehicles to promote your company’s new product or service. Short-term, changeable vinyl films are ideal for promoting new products, seasonal campaigns, or short-term sponsorships. Once your campaign is over, these changeable graphics can easily be removed in a few months, or they are warranted for up to 2 years.

3. Driver Recruitment

5 ways to use fleet graphics

West Side Transport Trailer Wrap

Instead of a static billboard, use part of your fleet to aid in recruiting drivers. Feature pay, benefits, or driver sign-on bonuses as a full wrap or just on certain areas. If you have existing graphics, consider adding changeable spot graphics onto your permanent graphics. This is a great option to promote short-term hiring events or timely incentives for drivers.

4. Support a Cause

Venture Logistics – Breast Cancer Awareness Trailer Wrap

Why not partner with your favorite charity to create awareness or to take part in a fundraising campaign. Since fleet graphics are so impactful at delivering a message to a wide audience, they are a great tool to spread the word, plus charity-related graphics can portray a positive underlying message about your company’s culture and core beliefs.

5. Monetize

Tractor-trailer on the superhighway with Advertise here on the trailer

Have you ever thought about selling that premium advertising space you have to other businesses, partners, or even customers? Create a revenue stream by charging for the ad space or offer the sides of your fleet to your customers as an added benefit for loyal customers. You customers could cover the cost to produce and install their graphics on your semi-trailer. There aren’t too many places you can advertise that doesn’t charge for the actual ad space.

However you choose to use your most impactful and cost-effective advertising space, the possibilities and options of fleet graphics are endless depending on your goals.


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